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You’re looking at an unofficial blog that covers Gordon College (Wenham MA) men’s basketball and assorted individual stories connected to Gordon athletics.  I have followed the basketball team and put together game stories since the 2002-03 season.  The first season , coincidentally, was when Mike Schauer became head coach………Let me explain why I have taken this on.  A combination of loving basketball and frustation motivated me.  I attended Gordon and set the standard for “mediocre” in every sport I played – soccer, basketball, and baseball.  I lost direct contact with the school for a number of years until my wife got a job there and later when my daughter attended Gordon.  I tried to renew an interest in Gordon sports but was frustrated by erratic box scores and very limited details.  I had some experience writing game stories so I decided to see if I might do the same thing with Gordon men’s basketball.  It wasn’t easy going at the start because: (1) I wasn’t sure what I was doing, (2) the folks at Gordon didn’t know what I was up to, (3) stats were something of an adventure, (4) other schools had no idea what I was up to and (5) how was I going to get my game stories to an audience.  Thankfully all those things have been sorted out satisfactorally.  During the first five sesaons I emailed the stories out to a list of over 100 players/friends of Gordon basketball.  I decided to shift to a blog because on it I can archive the stories from previous seasons and reach out to a larger audience.  I still have an email roster that I send reminders to when game stories are posted……………….There has been a significant increase in the available information on games, especially on the Gordon website.  My niche is personalizing each game.  I try to figure out why a game goes the way it does.  I try to make fair assessments without burning any bridges home or away in the process………..Along the way there have been plenty of exciting moments and interesting experiences.