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Gordon College Graduation 2017

Sam Johnson with diploma

Sam with President Michael Lindsay

(Wenham MA) Today was Gordon’s 125th graduation.

No, I haven’t attended them all!

I have been covering the Gordon men’s basketball team since 2002 in the Writing Scots blog.

I have seen plenty of games but also along the way have gotten to know the families that are connected to the players.  Going to graduation provides one last opportunity for my wife (Julie) and me to meet with the graduates and their families.

Great weather today for the outdoor event; temps in the upper 60’s with plenty of sunshine.

Sam Johnson was the lone graduate on the 2016-17 team.

I took a picture of Sam with the Gordon coaching staff.  I was surprised that they weren’t sobbing over the loss of Sam from the team!

Sam finds the camera

Sam was a consistent, high-energy, stat-producing player and was a key to the GC successes in his 3 ½ years with the Scots.

We wish him well.

My wife and I always find folks at graduation from the faculty and staff that we know from our previous connections there.

One disappointment was the discontinuance of the breakfast gathering of alumni classes before the graduation.  Those gatherings annually produced people that we hadn’t seen in years.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Sam with parents

Sara Sampong and Noah Szilagyi

junior teacher-of-the-year

Dominic Paradis

Herman Smith and Michael Lindsay

Class of 2037?

Bagpipers lead

David, Jennifer, Julie

Julie, Don, Laura

Julie and Ivy

Dale and Julie

Julie and Val

David and Julie

Julie and Paul


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Gordon College Graduation – 2014

Packed house at the Bennett Center for the 2014 graduation

Packed house at the Bennett Center for the 2014 graduation

Carolyn Cassidy and Julie McClelland - two of the biggest GC basketball fans

Carolyn Cassidy and Julie McClelland – two of the biggest GC basketball fans

(Wenham MA)  I took in the 124th Gordon College commencement on a Saturday where there was rain when it started and bright sunshine when it was over.

This was the first rainy one I’ve been at.  That rain pushed the activities to indoors at the Bennett Center.  Logistical nightmare, no doubt!

My goal at the commencement was to get a final picture of the  seniors – Roy Ray, Shaun Roach, Alex Carnes, Luke Hamilton, and Park Thomas all members of this season’s CCC championship team.  I did get that done.  I also like to get pictures of their families too.  Didn’t do so well there………way too congested afterwards.

President Michael Lindsay

President Michael Lindsay

I loved the crowd and couldn’t help but wish that maybe next February the Fighting Scots could play the CCC championship game in front of many of them.

I also noticed that the 2013-14 championship banner isn’t in the Bennett Center rafters yet.

One of the memorable moments of this graduation was a medical emergency that happened when President Michael Lindsay was speaking.  The emergency staff was quick and efficient.  Later family members came back informing that the lady involved was okay.  I was pleased that President Lindsay did the role-model thing by taking the situation to God in prayer.  I can tell you, he wasn’t the only one in the crowd doing it!

I wish the players and their families well in the days ahead.  It has been a pleasure connecting with all of you.

Alex Carnes

Alex Carnes

Val Gin..........always serious!

Val Gin……….always serious!

Roy Ray and Shaun Roach

Roy Ray and Shaun Roach

The Rays

The Rays

Park Thomas

Park Thomas

Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton

Kevin and Linda Roach

Kevin and Linda Roach

Drew Hall - my dorm my freshman year (1959)

Drew Hall – my dorm my freshman year (1959)

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Gordon College Commencement 2012

President Michael Lindsay finishes Year One at Gordon

(Wenham)  Julie and I were on hand today for one last connection with the Fighting Scots graduating seniors and their families.

Wonderful weather and cooperative subjects combined nicely on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Congrats to the graduates and their families.

(All of the pictures enlarge if you click on them…..enjoy!)

Jon Himottu


JT Himmelstein



Stephen and Adam Herod

Ron Harden

Garrett Harden

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