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Gordon clinches regular season title with 2-0 win vs Salve Regina

Lexi Potter (19) scored twice for Gordon

Calla Ashley (26) and Ashton Barkey (13)

(Wenham MA) The Scots (12-3-3) will be the #1 seed in the Commonwealth Coast Conference women’s soccer tournament.

A win over Salve Regina this afternoon (2-0) did the trick for Gordon. There is a regular season game left (Nichols) but GC has a two-point lead over second-place Roger Williams and owns the tie-breaker against the Hawks.

“It was a great win for the girls,” said GC coach Chuck Breton afterwards.  “We knew that Salve was a dangerous team.”

The Seahawks (8-10) were dangerous but didn’t score.  The Scots, on the other hand, turned opportunities into scores.

Scots celebrate goal

The Scots, 6-1 in the conference, get a first-round bye in the tournament and will begin post-season play at the Brigham Athletic Complex on Wednesday, November 6th.

Maybe things will finally change for Gordon in this year’s tournament.  The past and recent history for GC in the tournament have been unpleasant to say the least.  Let the CCC women’s soccer archives tell the story: Gordon’s last title was in 1998 and the Scots have been in the finals five of the last seven years and have ended as runner-ups each time.

Last season the Scots were eliminated in the semi-finals on a UNE goal in the final three seconds.

Painful memories……..and plenty of them.  But that was the past.  This year’s first place finish gives the team from Wenham yet another chance to stand behind a championship banner.

The high-scoring Scots (46 goals) were again led by high-scoring Lexi Potter who tallied both GC scores.

Lexi now has thirteen goals including a remarkable ten of them in the last six games.  Today she had one in each half.

“Lexi has been super dangerous as a right-wing forward,” said Coach Breton.  “She’s very good one-on-one off the dribble and at making diagonal runs.  Her teammates, especially Devin (Lacroix) and Ashton (Barkey) are excellent at slotting the ball in to her.”

Devin Lacroix (12) and Olivia Pickard (14)

I asked Lexi afterwards about the first goal she scored and she was quick to minimize her part in it: “That first goal was all Ashton (Barkey).  We knew that we had some pocket space.  I looked up, made eye contact with her, and she fed me an amazing ball.  I wouldn’t have been able to score that goal without her.”

Visiting coach Jane Walsh agreed with Lexi: “#13 (Ashton Barkey) had a beautiful through ball on that goal which took some really impressive vision.”

Alexa Weindorf (17) chased by Katie Szemreylo (12)

Lexi added another goal nine minutes into the second half.  This time, after a pass from freshman Alexa Weindorf, she dribbled into the middle and her shot beat SR keeper Jenna Park to the far post.

The goals were memorable but what impressed me the most on this afternoon was the ability of the Scots to control the game.  Yes, the Seahawks had several good chances in each half, but Gordon kept possession of the ball for much of the game.

“My philosophy is that the most enjoyable way to play this game is to keep the ball,” explained Coach Breton.  “These girls work very hard to do that.  Our first line of defense is keeping the ball.  We want to make the opponent work as hard as possible to get it back.”

That style of play certainly lessens the other team’s chances and may help explain why Gordon has allowed only seventeen goals in eighteen games.  Scots GK Kali Denty has six shutouts so far this season.

Salve nearly scored with three minutes left in the first half and came even closer to ending the shutout in the last minute of the second half on a direct kick.

Near miss in the closing seconds for Salve Regina

Coach Breton on the near-goal late in the game: “Kali is definitely the best keeper in the CCC.  Her hands are unbelievable.  I was surprised when she dropped the free kick.  She told me afterwards that the momentum of the kick (by Erin Harnisch) was bringing her into the goal and if she held onto it, it would have been a goal.  So she pushed it out intentionally and then their really dangerous striker (Meagan McLaughlin) go on the end of it and fortunately kicked it over the net.”

Breanna Gustin (8) and Ginny Vienneau (6)

“That loss last year to UNE made a big impression on everyone,” said Coach Breton recalling the end of the 2018 season.  “We’re not taking anything for granted.  We literally take it one half at a time.”

Coach Jane Walsh: “I was pretty pleased with our performance overall.  Gordon is a very talented team top to bottom.  I really think they’re a full package.  What I liked most was Gordon had to finish some good goals in order to get in behind us.  We didn’t let up anything easy.”

Lexi Potter on next year: “I hope to go to grad school in physical therapy.  I have applied to schools.”

Lexi (from South Glens Falls NY) on choosing Gordon: “I was looking for a Christian college.  I Googled, “Top Christian schools,” and found Gordon.  I contacted Coach (Breton).  He saw me play.  I believed right away that Gordon was where God wanted me to be.  It wasn’t a mistake for sure.”

Nice weather for late October.  Plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Bella Christian

Carah Cote (2) kicks

Casey Miller (15) between the Szemreylo sisters

Christin Redding (18) and Meagan McLaughlin (3)

Erik the team manager honored before the game

Freshman Calla Ashley readies a corner kick

Lexi Potter (19) shoots in the 2nd half

Gordon celebrates second goal

GK Jenna Park makes a save

Incoming corner kick

Kyra Skurcenski





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Gordon defeats Wentworth 2-1 to reach CCC semi-finals

Devin Lacroix’s first-half goal in flight. Devin assisted on Lexi Potter’s eventual game winner in the second half.

Scots celebrate their 6th straight win.

(Wenham MA)  There were plenty of fives on the line in this one.

Gordon had a five-game win streak.  Gordon had won all five home games. But on the other hand, the Scots were winless in their last five matches versus Wentworth.

What gave was the winless stretch against Wentworth as the Scots downed the Leopards, 2-1, to win the quarterfinals of the Commonwealth Coast Conference tournament on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on The Quad in Wenham.

WIT goalie Christie Fleming sets to stop Asha Steele’s shot from in close in the first half

Wentworth won the CCC title in 2016 but minus nine graduated seniors struggled to get good scoring opportunities against the short-passing home team.

A year ago, in two meetings, WIT outshot the Scots 46-11 and handily defeated GC 5-0 and 4-0.  But that was last year.  In this afternoon’s game, #4 seed GC took nineteen shots while limiting #5 seed Wentworth to only nine shots.

Naomi Shearer (9) in the mix during one of Gordon’s ten corner kicks.

The key stat, to me, was corner kicks.  The Scots took ten while the Leopards had none.  There was plenty of pressure on the visitors.

Sophomore Devin Lacroix had a goal and an assist for the 10-4-2 Scots.

Nearly eight minutes into the game Devin found an opening on the right to shoot.  Her well-struck attempt hit the bottom of the crossbar and dropped in beyond the goal line.

Wentworth (6-11-1) had few chances, but they capitalized on one of them before the end of the half.  Molly Donahue beat Devin Lacroix to a goal kick and teed up a long shot from the right.  Molly’s kick soared over Gordon GK Kali Denty’s fingers and tied the score, 1-1.

Soccer can be a cruel game.  A team possesses the ball.  Passes the ball well.  Yet it’s goals that settle the outcome.  That’s why that 1-1 tie at halftime was unnerving.  One mistake could be crucial.

But the Scots were quick in the second half to put the pressure back on the Leopards.

Only 1 ½ minutes into the second half, Devin Lacroix attracted four Leopards to the middle of the field before sending a gorgeous pass ahead to teammate Lexi Potter.

Devin Lacroix draws four Leopards and passes ahead to Lexi Potter.

Lexi Potter (19) about to finish with Danielle McDonnell (3) nearby

I was at the Salve Regina game last Saturday, when Lexi was sent in by teammate Ashton Barkey and scored from that same right side.

This time around it was Devin setting up Lexi.  Lexi’s goal was her eighth.  Devin registered her 7th assist.

Emily Richard – 2016 Offensive-Player-of-the-Year in the CCC

A key to the win?  Limiting last year’s CCC offensive player of the year (Emily Richard) to three shots.  Emily had eight goals and fourteen assists for the 2016 Leopards.

The Gordon passing was once again a sight to behold.  You just can’t single out one player for special accolades when the ball is successfully shared so much among teammates.  Everyone has to be good at passing and receiving or the Gordon style wouldn’t work………but it does so the entire team is on its game.

Great passing is one thing, but a team needs finishers and I’ve also seen that in the two wins I’ve viewed.

The victory sends the Scots into the semi-finals against #1 seed Endicott in Beverly on Wednesday.  The Gulls overwhelmed GC 5-2 during the regular season.  It should be a challenge for sure.

The Scots have won six straight and have been in the CCC tourney finals the last two seasons.  To say that Gordon has been doing well lately (last six games) is an understatement.  Endicott could be in for a surprise!

(All the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Lexi Potter gets free for the eventual game winner

Reactions to Gordon’s second goal

Scots celebrate second goal

Devin Lacroix sets to shoot

Wentworth GK Christie Fleming leaps to make a save

Molly Donahue scored the WIT goal

Gordon celebrates first goal

Samantha Medeiros and Asha Steele

Danielle McDonnell (3), Heather MacDougall (26) and Chandler Stier (17)

Kasey Hayes (3) and Sidney Brogan (10)

Kiersten Klose (5)

Wentworth celebrates their first-half goal






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Lexi Potter goal gets Gordon past Salve Regina 1-0

Gordon seniors honored.

Devin Lacroix gets away from Lea Adams

(Wenham MA) Gordon put short passes together all game long but most of them were horizontal.

However, ten minutes into the second half the Scots (8-4-2) put two vertical passes together and sophomore Lexi Potter broke in with the second one netting the only goal of the game.

The 1-0 victory over Salve Regina (5-9-3) extends the Scots win-streak to four with one game left in the regular season.

The Commonwealth Coast Conference tournament is scheduled to start next Saturday. Gordon, at 5-2-1 in the CCC, might face Salve again in the first round. GC is currently the #4 seed.

If Gordon can remain in the top four of the CCC they will earn for themselves a first-round home game. That would be a good thing because the Scots are undefeated (5-0) on the Wenham campus this season.

This was my first look at the women’s soccer team. I was immediately impressed with their determination and ability to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible. They forced the visitors from Newport (RI) to do a lot of chasing.

The GC seniors (Kay Silveira, Naomi Shearer, Kim Bowley, Chandler Stier, and Sammi Morren) and their parents were recognized in a pregame ceremony.


Naomi Shearer gets in front of Abby McMackin’s shot

Later, Naomi would make a huge play in the game sliding across in front of SR’s Abby McMackin to block a high-percentage shot attempt. Abby has a team-high eleven goals this season for the Seahawks.

Lexi Potter sets to shoot after being set up by Devin Lacroix and Ashley Barkey

SR goalie Carly Pala looks back at the net after Lexi’s shot goes by her

Lexi Potter’s goal deserved two assists. Why? Sophomore Devin Lacroix advanced the ball forward beyond midfield in the middle and connected ahead to moving sophomore teammate Ashton Barkey. Ashton took a few dribbles forward and put a beautiful pass ahead beyond the Seahawks’ defenders. Lexi flew in from the right, past the defenders, collected the ball, and shot past SR goalie Carly Pala’s right and the celebrating began. As you can see, Devin (2nd team CCC last year) deserved an assist.


Gordon GK Kali Denty dives after Lea Adams’ shot

The biggest stop by Gordon’s sophomore goalie Kali Denty? A direct-kick blast late in the game from the middle of the field by Lea Adams. Kali, who isn’t very tall, took a high dive to her right to snag a shot headed for the upper corner.

Abby McMackin (3rd team CCC last year) excelled for the Seahawks. I have pictures with her deep in both ends. She was relentless and had the best of SR’s scoring chances.

Hard to single out anyone for the Scots because they were so unselfish with the ball. And it helped that there always seemed to be someone to pass to.

The weather was truly remarkable. Seventies in late October?

Good crowd on hand for the noon contest. Many, I suspect, were connected to the five seniors.
Gordon had a scoreless tie with Salve Regina last season at Newport.

The Scots have reached the CCC tournament finals in each of the last two seasons. Maybe they can take the next step this year?

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Gordon celebrates the only goal of the game

Ashley Barkey chases Emily Szemreylo

Amanda Fantasia and Asha Steele fight for a loose ball

Loose ball in the box

Devin Lacroix surrounded by Seahawks

Kali Denty comes out to deflect a shot by Abby McMackin

Katie Szemreylo battles with Jill Kefalas

Lexi Potter on the move

Salve GK Carly Pala battles with Devin Lacroix

Kiersten Klose

Lexi Potter

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