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Gordon College graduation 2018

(Wenham MA) Five players connected to the Gordon College men’s basketball program graduated today; Jaren Yang, Dylan Marshall, Graham Tienhaara, Jake Hart, and Steve Vampatella.

Jake Hart

Graham Tienhaara

Steve Vampatella

Jaren Yang

Dylan Marshall

For those just now paying attention, my wife and I do all we can to attend Gordon graduations.  Why?  We get attached to the players (and their families) and want to get one more look at them on campus.  Some will come back next season to see how their former teammates are doing.  Others will move away and move on, rarely seen again.

The weather was set to be an issue today.  The forecasts during the week had rain falling on Saturday morning.  If that happened, then the event would have been in the limited-space Bennett Center.  I wasn’t even sure if we could get in!

But God is gracious.  I looked on the Gordon website last night and the graduation time was moved up to 9:30 and it would be held outdoors rain or shine.  I shuttered to imagine a graduation in the rain.  My camera was totally against it!

Sky above at the Gordon Commencement today

But I got up this morning and saw that the rain had been “shifted” to the afternoon.  God was in the details and gave us sun for the event.  I noticed something special about the clouds over the campus today.

Plenty of beautiful trees on campus

We love to see the flowering trees on campus.  They always seem to be at their peak in mid-May.  I know that God provides the sun and the rain but the maintenance crew was really on their game too.

Our goal at these graduations is to get as many pictures as possible of “our” players in different graduation spots.  We also look for the unexpected people, that we know, that happen to be on hand.

They’ve probably done this before, but I liked hearing the faculty applaud the students when they marched by them at the start and later when the students reciprocated as the faculty filed out at the end of commencement.

Three people (Kenneth Elzinga, Richard Stearns, Polly Wilson) received honorary degrees.

Richard came up with a wonderful line: “God doesn’t want us to be successful, He wants us to be faithful.”

I have known Polly Wilson for a long time.  As kids we were both on the Rumney (NH) Bible Conference grounds for a lot of summers. She was a talented piano player even then.  I was keen on ping pong.

At the commencement I took pictures of three caps.  One of them had Phil 4:13 (I can do all this through him who gives me strength.) on it.  One of the teachers-to-be had “Now it’s my time to teach.”  And then there was Jaren’s.

I saw Gordon coach Tod Murphy afterwards and asked him if had found players to replace the graduated ones.  He told me that he had two 6-4 players coming as well as a point guard.

Jake Haar, Noah Szilagyi, Luke Meyer, Garrisson Duvivier

Good to see four seniors-to-be, from the team, on hand cheering on their graduating teammates.  Some of them will be on the Gordon Quadrangle next year, about this time, wondering where their four years have gone.

Good luck to the five seniors.  We hope to see them again.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge significantly when you click on them.)

Graham and friend

Jaren and Julie

Jaren meets President Lindsay

Jake Hart and Julie

Julie and Val Gin

Teachers applaud students

Ivy George

David Rox

President Michael Lindsay

Susan Bobb is the Junior Distinguished Faculty award winner

Gordon graduate

Julie with Donna Loy

The Yangs

With Jerry Logan, a remarkable guard back in the day

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Gordon advances in the CCC tourney with 99-85 win over Salve Regina

Jake Haar (20 points) made six of seven 3-point attempts

Garrisson Duvivier gets inside for two

(Wenham MA) No surprise here.

Gordon advanced to the Commonwealth Coast Conference semi-finals after a 99-85 win over Salve Regina on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center.

This was the third victory over the Seahawks this season.  Pattern has been similar each time: Gordon gets a big lead, Salve narrows the lead but doesn’t have enough offense to get things to the dicey level.

“We didn’t finish the way I’d hoped,” said Coach Murphy, “but it was nice to get most of the bench into a playoff game.”

The beauty of this game (to me) was the balanced scoring.  There were six Scots in double figures.  Usually the two first-team All-CCC’ers (Garrisson Duvivier and Eric Demers) get there with an occasional 3rd player joining them.  Tonight, every starter got there, and reserve Noah Szilagyi added ten points.

Jake Haar gets a steal

The one they were talking about afterwards was junior Jake Haar.  You watch enough GC games and you have seen “The Iceman” drain three’s.  Nothing like tonight, however.  Jake was six-for-seven from long range. “When the Iceman has it going, if you’re not right up in his shirt, he’s going to hit the shot,” said Coach Murphy.

I’ll call this Jake’s best game.  He put up twenty points, missing only one shot, and added four assists.

Gordon (18-8) gained separation late in the first half.  A 36-34 lead bulged to 47-34 in less than three minutes.  The Scots had four baskets in the breakaway run and ALL of them were assisted.  That’s called, finding your teammates.  On the night, GC had twenty-four assisted baskets and ONLY ten turnovers.  You win games with those numbers!

Two of the CCC’s best players; Rodney Morton and Garrisson Duvivier

In the second half, you knew it would happen.  What?  The lead got big (twenty points) and then SR, led by Rodney Morton (28 points) cut into it.

With seven minutes left, the Gordon lead was 83-69.  Coach Murphy called a timeout, and those paying attention, heard his “outdoor” voice.  No doubt the team caught it loud and clear.  The next 2+ minutes GC turned to layups and free throws and pushed things to the safety zone (93-72).

The Scots shot over 60% in the first half.  “Offensively we were unbelievable in the first half,” said Coach Murphy.

Garrisson Duvivier turned in his 18th Double D of this season.  He added five assists.  The immeasurable stat would be the number of shots opponents don’t take close to the basket because GD is lurking ready to hand out a rejection.

Jake Hart shows some hops in a pass reception

Next for Gordon will be Endicott at the Bennett Center (7PM) on Thursday night.  The Scots have beaten EC twice this season but both games were tight.

“Anytime you can play a great team that is your cross-town rival in a big game it’s fun,” said Coach Murphy.  I have to confess that “fun” isn’t the first thing I think of when we face the Gulls!  I think of Yankees/Red Sox where wins are exhilarating, and losses hurt for days.  To each his own on that one!

The bleachers were pulled out at the Bennett Center for this game.  The crowd was underwhelming in my opinion.  That should not be the case on Thursday night.  Playing/Beating Endicott is a happening!

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 35 (19 points,14 rebounds,5 assists)

Jake Haar 27 (20 points,4 assists)

Jaren Yang 18 (14 points)

Rodney Morton 18 (28 points)

Gordon 122

Salve Regina 81

Box from the game

(The pictures enlarge if you click on them.)

Jake Hart (15) in for two points

Eric Demers challenges Rodney Morton’s layup atteampt

Parker Omslaer fouled on a layup

Freshman Kevin Kelly forces a turnover

Josh Ribeiro drives in Seahawks traffic

Noah Szilagyi (10 points) takes off with a steal





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Gordon ends regular season with 80-67 win at Salve Regina

Senior Jake Hart (16 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals) had a career afternoon in his last regular season game for Gordon

Rodney Morton (27 points) led all scorers

(Amesbury MA) Now it’s time for the reason you lace them up……The Commonwealth Coast Conference Tournament.

The Scots (17-8) finished the regular season with a didn’t-matter win (80-67) over Salve Regina on Saturday afternoon.

But it did matter because on Tuesday night (7PM) at the Bennett Center the same two teams will face each other in the CCC quarter-finals. Gordon is the #2 seed (13-5) while Salve Regina (7-11) is the 7th seed.

They say that “familiarity breeds contempt” but after seeing the Seahawks twice, I’m afraid that familiarity might breed over-confidence.

Salve (10-15) has not played well against Gordon in either game.  In both games their first-half lack of accurate shooting has put them down by double figures and they have been unable to rally to put late-game pressure on GC.

But one thing that the Seahawks have been able to do is hang around.  They’ve now done it twice.  They get down, but they never allow the game to reach the bench-clearing level until the last minute or two.

Salve defeated Endicott a few days ago.  They are dangerous even if we haven’t seen that side of them.  May it not happen on Tuesday night.

A win or loss in today’s game was not going to change the tournament seedings for either team.  So you had to take today’s game with that in mind.

One thing that was certain right away was that SR’s lone senior (Rodney Morton) was going to take a lot of shots and score plenty of points…and he did.  Rodney finished with 27 for the afternoon even with a 1-for-10 from long range.

Sorry Rodney, the best senior on the floor was Gordon’s Jake Hart.  You talk about putting everything together in one game!  Jake matched his career high in points (16) and never missed a shot.  Last time I checked Jake was listed at 5-11 but that may be a typo as he landed seven rebounds including four offensive ones.  Add on two assists and three steals and you’ve had yourself a ballgame.

The breakaway segment came in the last five minutes of the first half when Gordon expanded a 25-23 lead to a 44-32 advantage.  Eric Demers (16 points) had three of his four 3-pointers during that closing spurt.

Garrisson Duvivier (13 points) collected eleven points from the foul line and added thirteen rebounds.

Steve Vampatella picked up his first GC points against Salve Regina

We waited almost four years for this to happen but it did happen in the closing seconds: Steven Vampatella put himself in the scoring column.  Nice pass from fellow senior.  Steven lifted his defender with an up-fake and dropped in two from the right.  Bench went nuts!

Eric had twenty-six last time against SR.

Efficiency Chart

Jake Hart 27

Rodney Morton 23 (27 points,6 steals)

Garrisson Duvivier 15

Gordon 91

Salve Regina 64

Two postgame concerns; (1) inability to put an opponent away and (2) the boatload of turnovers.

If GC plays three more CCC games, they will all be against teams capable of putting points together. I suspect that our team will have few chances to gain separation. Must take advantage of the opportunities.

Turnovers: Am I the only one troubled by them?  If the Scots had twenty-five turnovers in the first game of the season it might be understandable, but to get that season-high total in the LAST game of the regular season is disconcerting.  SR often double-teamed dribblers and defensive rebounders. Why not anticipate this and quickly outlet the ball to an open teammate? Layups and/or open shots often result.

I know, the team won, lighten up!  It’s just that I want to be writing about something realllly good next Saturday.  I don’t want to be looking for reasons why GC lost.

Box from the game



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Eric Demers reaches 1000 points in 87-71 Gordon win over Roger Williams

Eric Demers (21) in the middle of teammates celebrating his 1000th point.

Eric Demers (27 points) breaks into the 1000-point club on this free throw

(Wenham MA) Eric Demers reached the 1000-point club as Gordon (16-8) defeated Roger Williams, 87-71, at the Bennett Center on Tuesday night.

Eric’s teammate, Garrisson Duvivier, joined that same club during this year’s home game versus Curry five games into the season.

Eric needed nineteen points against the Hawks to reach 1000 points.  The historic point came on a free throw in the second half.  The game was then stopped.  Eric went into the stands and hugged his parents and then joined his celebrating teammates for the second 1000-club photo of the season.

“I’m proud of Eric for scoring his 1000th point,” said Coach Tod Murphy afterwards.  “I think that he forced it a little bit early to get there quicker, but then he settled down.  He also had quite a few assists (five).”

The Hawks came to the Bennett Center on a six-game roll but on this night couldn’t make shots consistently.  Their final total of twenty-two field goals was the lowest against the Scots this season.

Parker Omslaer takes part in a rebound battle

“I thought that our defense tonight was great,” said Coach Murphy.  Who could argue? Austin Coene (23.2 points per game) had a 4-for-14 night for twelve points.  Nick Marini (14.5 points per game) had eight on 3-for-14 shooting.  Conor O’Brien, who had thirty-four points in the first RW/GC meeting had just eleven this time around.

The Hawks (17-7) fell behind by twenty-one in the first half.  The team from Bristol (RI) would reduce the lead to nine (55-46) before the Scots scored the next eight points to boost the margin to seventeen.  Later, with 1:54 remaining, RW was back within ten (81-71) forcing Coach Murphy to get his starters back in the game to keep the score from getting closer.

“I didn’t want to put the starters back in,” said Coach Murphy, “but we were playing silly.  I keep telling the team that every possession matters.  They need to treat each possession as if the game is on the line.”

Garrisson Duvivier gets two of his twenty-five points

It did not take much of a memory to recall Saturday’s shocking loss to ENC during which a seventeen-point lead disappeared.  It didn’t happen against RW but there were times when GC lacked the organized offense that winning tournament games requires.

Junior Garrisson Duvivier, currently 9th on the all-time scoring list, put twenty-five points together with four blocks and three steals.  There is no stat for it, but there were several occasions when Hawks’ drivers saw Garrisson in the lane and changed their driving plans.

While most of the RW players struggled, freshman JJ Pfohl (25 points) had the game of his life filling for injured Jaylen Jennings.  The young man from Trumbull (CT) had been averaging only five points per game before catching fire at Gordon.

The win over Roger Williams combined with Endicott’s loss tonight to Salve Regina, guarantees that the Scots will finish second in the Commonwealth Coast Conference no matter what happens at Salve Regina on Saturday.

Austen Coene guarded by Jake Hart

“I don’t know when the last time was that we swept Roger Williams, Endicott, and Wentworth in one season,” wondered Coach Murphy.  “We need to figure out a way to beat Nichols if we can get that far.”  The CCC tournament starts next Tuesday.

The stat that worried me from this game was Gordon’s twenty turnovers.  Too many pointless possessions.  All of the TOs were in the half-court since the Hawks didn’t press. Most of the miscues were the result of low percentage passes.

But the team won anyhow.  Stop whining!

Seniors Graham Tienhaara and Jake Hart continue to use limited minutes to energize the Scots with their all-out hustle.  The two of them kept several possessions alive by coming out of nowhere to take control of 50/50 balls.

Conor O’Brien (30) tries to block Eric Demers’ shot

The Scots have a 9-5 record against Roger Williams over the past six seasons.

Gordon is now 12-5 in the CCC.  Roger Williams drops back into a tie with Endicott at 11-6.  Those two teams will face off this Saturday in Bristol with the winner earning the #3 seed in the tournament.

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 34

JJ Pfohl 29

Eric Demers 21

Gordon 117

Roger Williams 64

Box from the game

(All of the pictures will enlarge if you click on them.)

Steve Vampatella looks for a free throw miss

Senior Jake Hart cuts in for two

JJ Pjohl blocks Josh Ribeiro’s shot

Eric Demers powers to the hoop

Noah Szilagyi looks to pass

Eric Demers makes room for a shot

Graham Tienhaara defends against Conor O’Brien

Eric Demers shares the big moment with his father

Teammates congratulate Eric Demers

Jaren Yang (5) finds an opening






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Gordon holds off Western New England 84-77 on Senior Day

Gordon seniors and their families

Eric Demers (41 points) reached a new career high in points

(Wenham MA) Don’t let that final score fool you.

Western New England led by a point (74-73) with 2:38 left in this game. The outcome was anything but certain.

But the Scots (14-7) were offensively efficient down the stretch and posted a, 84-77, win on Saturday afternoon at the Bennett Center.

Special day for the Gordon faithful as the Scots four seniors (Jaren Yang, Steve Vampatella, Jake Hart, and Graham Tienhaara) were honored.

Traditionally, the Gordon seniors start on Senior Day.  That put first-time starters Steven Vampatella and Graham Tienhaara out there to open the game.

The senior foursome plus Eric Demers got off to a terrific start.  “I thought that Gordon came out with terrific energy,” said Western New England coach Colin Tabb afterwards.

Graham Tienhaara spins left for two in the early going.

By the time Graham Tienhaara went to the bench, he had six points and Gordon had a seven-point lead.  “Graham got us off to a great start,” said Gordon coach Tod Murphy.

Behind Eric Demers’ twenty-point first half the Scots were ahead, 48-38, at halftime.

Sixteen days ago, the Golden Bears (8-12) routed the Scots, 101-83, in Springfield so you had to expect that they would make things interesting in the second half.  And they did.

Mikey Pettway had thirty-one points and scored his 1000th point in the previous meeting.  This time around Mikey was off (13 points) but freshman EJ Day (28 points) more than made up for it.

“EJ Day is going to be a load to go against over the next three years,” said Coach Murphy.  EJ, like Mikey, displayed the ability to get shots off from anywhere despite being 5-10.  EJ made three’s and showed his quickness getting to the rim.

Freshman EJ Day (28 points) carried the Bears

Gordon led by sixteen (60-44) with 16:44 left.  But WNE didn’t go away.  Over the next 6+ minutes they overwhelmed the cooled off Scots.

An 18-2 run evened the teams at 62-62.  We had ourselves a ballgame!

What happened during that stretch?  Gordon made one of nine shots, including five three’s, and had three turnovers.  Then there’s Western New England: The Bears made seven of thirteen shots, with three of those seven baskets coming after they had grabbed offensive rebounds.

Gordon recovered to regain the lead but could never push their margin past three points.  Finally the Bears caught GC and went ahead (74-73) with 2:38 left on two EJ Day free throws.

Jaren Yang made pressure free throws late in the game

The rest of the way: “We made the plays we had to,” said Coach Murphy.  Eric Demers immediately made a three to give GC the lead for good as it turned out.  But there was also a key layup by Garrisson Duvivier in the last minute assisted by Jaren Yang.  Free throws were crucial and Jaren, Eric Demers, and Jake Hart made them.  Actually, Jake missed one but miraculously the ball stopped dead on the back of the rim with fifteen seconds left.  That’s a jump ball and the possession arrow favored the Scots. So Jake’s missed shot gave Gordon a fresh possession.

Eric Demers put up a career-high forty-one points with twenty in the first half and twenty-one in the second half.  In this breakout season, Eric has been able to get off shots against defenders of all sizes and speeds and shoot over 50% in twelve of the games.

Junior Garrisson Duvivier had his 15th double/double of this season.  He had sixteen points and fifteen rebounds.

Ahead is a neighborhood battle with Endicott on Wednesday night (7:30PM) in Beverly.  The winner of that game will be in second place in the Commonwealth Coast Conference behind Nichols.  In the previous Gulls/Scots matchup it was GC winning in overtime.  Realizing how hostile the atmosphere can be at Endicott, it would behoove the Scots to defeat the Gulls and avoid having to play a tournament game in Beverly.

Mikey Pettway (13 points) drives against Garrisson Duvivier

Two concerns in this game (for me) were the squandered lead and the twenty turnovers.  Players not named Eric and Garrisson need to lighten the scoring load on those two to prevent point-droughts when either of them cool off.  This afternoon’s twenty TO’s was the third time it has been that high.  The other two times were losses.  The Bears’ pressure had no part in the turnovers.  It was the passing.  Too many high-risk attempts.

Nice gathering afterward to hear the coaches retell the exploits of the four seniors.  The players will be missed.

Three weeks from now I could be writing about Gordon’s third CCC title in the last eight years.  Hope so.

Jaren Yang collected his 4th career block this afternoon for those keeping track at home!

“I was hoping to get Steve and Graham back into the game at the end, but it was so close,” said Coach Murphy.

Battle for a rebound – Garrisson had 15 rebounds vs Western New England

“Gordon took us out of the normal flow of our offense today,” said Coach Tabb.  “They didn’t leave certain shooters and it kept us from getting clean looks.”

“Good teams have to win tough games like this one,” said Coach Murphy.

Gordon has won ten of their last twelve games.

Gordon has now won nine of their last ten games with Western New England.

Western New England had a win over top-ranked Nichols at Nichols in early January.  They meet again in Springfield next Saturday.


Eric Demers 30

Garrisson Duvivier 28

EJ Day 23 (28 points)

Tim Reilly 17 (15 points)

Gordon 95

Western New England 70

Box from the game

(All of the pictures will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Jaren Yang with parents

Jake Hart and family

Graham Tienhaara and family

Steve Vampatella and family

Coach Tod Murphy talks about his four seniors

Eric Demers layup with senior Steve Vampatella in the background

Jake Hart

Garrisson Duvivier (16 points) puts up a shot

Jaren Yang shoots a technical foul shot

Tim Reilly (15 points) contests an Eric Demers’ layup attempt

Two of the CCC’s best go head-to-head

Eric Demers makes a tough shot late in the game




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Gordon defeats Wentworth 77-66 for third straight win

Noah Szilagyi (thirteen in the first half)

Jake Hart (12 points off the bench)

(Amesbury MA) Wentworth has been a pain in the neck for Gordon over the past three years.

That pain, however, eased a bit tonight as the Scots played some fun-to-watch basketball earning a 77-66 win over the Leopards in Boston.

Wentworth had won seven of the previous eight meetings and had twice dropped GC out of the Commonwealth Coast Conference tournament in the last three years.

The Scots (7-5) played like the more experienced team on this night making terrific passes and taking good care of the ball.  I am not sure which pleased me more; the twenty-five assists or the nine turnovers.  Put numbers like that together in a game and a good end-result is likely.

The Leopards (8-4) just weren’t themselves.  Their defense is usually tight but Gordon, on this evening, found openings close to the basket regularly.

If you are looking for time segments where Gordon won this game your best bet would be the last five minutes of each half.

In the first half the Scots led, 31-27, with five minutes left.  WIT didn’t score again missing all six shot attempts.  GC had a 41-27 halftime lead.

In the second half the Leopards had taken a 56-31 deficit with fifteen minutes remaining and cut it to to 64-59 with five minutes left.  The final five minutes?  Wentworth was one-for-seven shooting three’s and GC escaped with a 77-66 win.

Coach Tod Murphy described the win over ENC on Saturday as a “team win.”  I don’t doubt that he’d describe this one as more of the same.

The Scots have now won three straight.

Noah Szilagyi came off the Gordon bench and put up thirteen points in the first half.

Jake Hart, also off the bench, never missed a shot and ended up with twelve points.

Eric Demers (eight assists and several key baskets)

Eric Demers had trouble from long range, so he turned into a passer and a driver.  Result?  Eight assists.  When Wentworth had cut the lead to five in the second half, Eric drove for layups on the next two GC possessions to turn the momentum back to the team from Wenham.

Garrisson Duvivier had his seventh double/double of the season.  The GC junior also had five assists.

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 25

Jason Ganley 23 (25 points)

Stephen Azums 20 (16 pts, 8 rebs)

Noah Szilagyi 16 (13 points)

Jake Hart 14 (12 points)

Gordon 105

Wentworth 75

Next up is Endicott on Thursday night (7:30PM) at the Bennett Center.  The Gulls have beaten Gordon six straight times. One of those wins knocked the Scots out of the CCC tournament in 2016.  Endicott graduated all five starters but have quickly reloaded.

Box from the Wentworth/Gordon game





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Solid team effort pushes Gordon past ENC 81-55

Eric Demers (20 points) shoots over Noah Cheney

Garrisson Duvivier (15 points) active around the rim

(Wenham MA) The Eastern Nazarene offense was as cold as the weather has been around here lately and their defense wasn’t a whole lot better.

Gordon easily defeated ENC, 81-59, on Saturday afternoon getting the 2018 part of their schedule off to a good start.

“It was a good team win,” said GC coach Tod Murphy afterwards.  Everyone played, and the shooting opportunities were abundant.

Eric Demers (20) and Garrisson Duvivier (15) paced the Scots in limited minutes.

Gordon (6-5) struggled early and trailed, 12-5, after 3 ½ minutes.  “We started poorly but finally got it together defensively,” recalled Coach Murphy.  “I keep telling our guys that our defense ignites our offense.  I definitely think that’s what happened today.”

Parker Omslaer jams

The Lions (4-7) fell into a six-minute drought while GC erased the seven-point deficit by running up sixteen unanswered points.  The Scots had four assisted layups to go with free throws by Eric Demers and three’s by Eric and Josh Crutchfield.  By the time the team from Quincy (MA) could score again they were behind, 21-12.

Gordon soon had a double-digit lead and never looked back.

The Lions were within ten (51-41) seven minutes into the second half but the Scots second unit came on and pushed the lead to twenty.  ENC had no response on this afternoon.

“Our second team did a great job,” added Coach Murphy.  “Josh (Ribeiro) and Parker (Omslaer) played huge today.  Crutch (Josh Crutchfield) hit a couple of big shots.  We need to have that second unit playing well if we’re going to be a championship team.  We can’t expect our starters to be great every single night.”

Jake Hart heavily guarded by Lions

Senior Jake Hart was a spark off the bench.  He had six points in twenty-two minutes of action.  Easily his longest time on-court this season.  “I can always count on Jake,” said Coach Murphy.  “Mr. Reliable.  I can put him in any spot on the court and he will do a great job.”

Sophomore Josh Rice led the way for ENC with thirteen points.

Some of the most entertaining games in my years of watching Gordon basketball have been against Eastern Nazarene.  The Lions always had players who could dazzle and they made ENC tough to beat.  Not seeing that on this year’s edition.

ENC, to be fair, have so far given their top five minutes to a freshman and four sophomores.

Jake Haar about to set up teammate Parker Omslaer

The Lions had nine shots blocked when they took shots from in close with Garrisson Duvivier and Parker Omslaer nearby.  Each had three rejections.

The most worrisome stat on the ENC stat sheet was personal fouls.  The Lions committed only SEVEN fouls during the entire game!  I have stats that go back over ten years and nothing comes close to that seven.

Why is that stat a problem?  It shows a lack of serious defense.  Gordon had plenty of room to operate just about anywhere.

Josh Rice had thirteen points for ENC

“ENC is not a bad team and I thought that we handled them pretty well.” said Coach Murphy.

There will be a trip to Quincy on February 10th and the Lions will have gained experience and should be expected to perform better in front of their active home student section.

Efficiency Chart

Eric Demers 23 (20 points)

Garrisson Duvivier (15 pts,8 rebounds)

Josh Rice 12 (13 pts)

Jaren Yang 11 (6 assists)

Jake Haar 11 (9 pts,3 assists)

Gordon 113

ENC 51

Box from the game

(All pictures above and below will enlarge when you click on them.)

Jaren Yang makes a fancy layup

Matt Valles finishes

Noah Cheney

Josh Ribeiro tries to get past Andrew Mitchell

Josh Crutchfield (10) looks to pass

Josh Crutchfield in close

Jake Hart (#15)

Eric Demers fakes out a defender

Garrisson Duvivier gets a layup

young fan


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Gordon ends streak downing Wentworth 70-61

Jaren Yang was six-for-six at the line.

Jaren Yang was six-for-six at the line.

(Amesbury MA) Some wins are sweeter than others.  This was one of them.

Gordon put an end to a six-game losing streak to Wentworth (11-12) by defeating the Leopards, 70-61, on Saturday afternoon in Boston.

WIT shot a merciless 65% in the first meeting and have had GC’s number for two seasons.  That domination crashed and burned this afternoon.

Reality set in on the Wentworth shooters (39%) and the team had to play from behind most of the second half.

The Scots free throw shooting (Where did this accuracy come from?) was clutch in the second half as they made their last eleven straight.

Jason Ganley was off against the Scots.

Jason Ganley was off against the Scots.

It certainly helped to have the Commonwealth Coast Conference’s best free-throw shooter, Jaren Yang, at the line six times down the stretch.  Jaren has missed only four free throws (2 in one game), all season, in sixty-three attempts.

In the second half, the Scots (10-6 in the CCC) gained separation, squandered separation, and then closed strong.

Gordon (13-10) was barely up, 41-40, with 16:35 left before putting ten straight points together.  Four layups and a Josh Ribeiro jumpers did the trick.

The team from Wenham still had the eleven-point cushion (56-45) with 8:03 to go.

Then a familiar team nemesis showed up: turnovers.  The next four minutes?  Six of them.  Combined with two missed jumpers and a missed three, the door for comeback was wide open for the home team.

WIT (9-7 in the CCC) took advantage of the GC lapse and stood at the doorstep, 56-53, with 2:57 left.

Jake Hart (15 points, 5 assists) had his best game of the season

Jake Hart (15 points, 5 assists) had his best game of the season

Season turning point?  Gordon did not blink.  Instead, the next eight points were there’s.  A Jaren Yang jump shot from the left side off the backboard was followed by a Garrison Duvivier layup assisted by Jake Haar.  Consecutive double free throws by Jaren Yang and Jake Hart sealed the deal for Gordon as the Scots were back up by eleven in the last minute.

Why was this game so important?  The obvious was ending Wentworth’s hold on Gordon.  The teams should be facing one another in the first round of the CCC tournament on Tuesday, February 21st.  There was no reason to be optimistic in the tourney if the opponent had beaten you seven times in a row.

The win also gives Gordon a chance to look at how they’ve done against the teams (Endicott, Nichols, Roger Williams) in the conference who are above them in the standings.  Probably would face one of them in the Thursday game with a win Tuesday.

The Scots had last-possession losses to Endicott and Nichols, as well as a win over Roger Williams, during the regular season.  Gordon is clearly in the hunt with that trio.

Wentworth’s top scorers (Jason Ganley, Dan DeVaux) were off in today’s game.  Jason was 5-for-13 while Dan was 5-for-18.

A year ago, Jason set Wentworth’s single-game scoring record with thirty-nine points against Gordon.  Nothing near that happened this time around.

Freshman Sam Traicoff connected twice from long range

Freshman Sam Traicoff connected twice from long range

Freshman Sam Traicoff gave GC two triples off the bench.

This was junior Jake Hart’s best game of the season.

The Scots had trouble with freshman Stephen Azums in the first game and that continued today.


Stephen Azums 22 (12 points, 11 rebounds)

Jaren Yang 21 (15 points, 5 assists)

Jake Hart 16 (15 points,5 assists)

Garrisson Duvivier 15 (17 points)

Sam Johnson 14 (15 rebounds)

Gordon 83

Wentworth 61

Next game for Gordon will be the final home regular-season match.  UNE will be the opposition.

Box from this game.







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Endicott too much for Gordon (82-65) on Senior Day

Senior Sam Johnson and his family honored before the game

Senior Sam Johnson and his family honored before the game

Kamahl Walker (29 points)

Kamahl Walker (29 points)

(Wenham MA) It didn’t go entirely the way we had hoped.

Senior Sam Johnson was indeed honored pregame on Senior Day but after that the Scots were supposed to get a win over the visiting Endicott Gulls.

The first part went off without a hitch but getting a victory over EC?  Not this time.

Endicott (17-4) never trailed in a convincing, 82-65, performance on Saturday afternoon before this season’s best crowd at the Bennett Center.

Kamahl Walker had sixteen points in the second half

Kamahl Walker had sixteen points in the second half

Kamahl Walker (29 points) did a wonderful impersonation of the Celtic’s Isaiah Thomas by driving past or shooting over most of the defenders he encountered.  The EC senior had sixteen points in the second half.

Late in the game, Gordon’s Jake Hart was isolated on Kamahl with the rest of his Endicott teammates spread out along the baseline.  Looked like the perfect time for him to drive but instead he pulled up for a three and made it.  What’s a defender to do?

While Endicott was shooting over 50% for the game, the Scots (12-9) struggled.  Trouble spot?  Outside shooting.  Noah Szilagyi has joined Eric Demers in the out-for-the-season category.  Their three-point accuracy was missed big-time against the Gulls.

Also of note is the cooling off of Jake Haar (12 points).  The GC sophomore has slipped to 6-for-20 over the last three games.  Because of the status of Gordon’s outside shooting, Jake has been forced into trying more three’s than usual and sometimes from places he normally wouldn’t shoot from.

Jake had twenty-three points in the one-point loss at Endicott.  That drew him the defense of EC’s Stephen Basden this time.

The Scots quickly were behind 14-5 and then 30-15.  Later in the first half it was 36-22 before GC put their best run of the day together by closing the deficit to 38-33 at halftime.

Christien Morneweck guards Sam Johnson

Christien Morneweck guards Sam Johnson

A triple by Jake Haar, a jumper by Josh Ribeiro, and a layup from Sam Johnson, plus free throws by Jake and Jake Hart provided the firepower in the late run.

The Gulls moved the lead back to double figures (44-33) early in the second half and Gordon was never able to challenge inside of nine points thereafter.

Sam Johnson and Daquan Sampson had double/doubles for their respective teams.

The efficiency charts reveals that statistically this was Gordon’s poorest outing of the season.  Fewer rebounds than usual and weak shooting were the chief culprits.


Kamahl Walker 31 (29 points, 3 steals)

Daquan Sampson 17 (13 points, 10 rebounds)

Sam Johnson 15 (13 points, 10 rebounds)

Chris Lipscomb 13 (9 points, 4 assists)

Max Motroni 11 (13 points)

Endicott 97

Gordon 52

Kamahl Walker and Sam Johnson before the game

Kamahl Walker and Sam Johnson before the game

The Scots (9-5) are currently sitting in 4th place in the Commonwealth Coast Conference one game ahead of Wentworth (8-6).  It is starting to look as if GC will be facing WIT in the post-season tournament.  Can Gordon do enough over the final four games to keep that spot and get a home game in the first round?

Last year’s two seniors, Richie Armand and Udoka Obiora, were in the house.

The crowd was terrific.  They made plenty of supportive noise even as the team they were there to cheer struggled.

Gordon will be at Roger Williams (Wednesday) and at Wentworth next Saturday.

My wife and I were pleased to enjoy the senior (Sam Johnson) celebration after the game.  It was nice to get to meet some of the parents of the players on this year’s team

At the gathering coach Tod Murphy credited Sam with being the piece that enabled Gordon to win the CCC title three seasons ago.  Sam joined the Scots in January of his freshman year.

Box from this game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Coach Tod Murphy and Sam Johnson

Coach Tod Murphy and Sam Johnson

Jaren Yang in front of the impressive GC turnout

Jaren Yang in front of the impressive GC turnout

Tussle for the ball

Tussle for the ball

Graham Tienhaara tries to block Kamahl Walker's shot

Graham Tienhaara tries to block Kamahl Walker’s shot

GC dance team

GC dance team

Garrisson Duvivier to the rim

Garrisson Duvivier to the rim

Kamahl Walker on the break

Kamahl Walker on the break

Chris Lipscomb on the drive

Chris Lipscomb on the drive

Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Daquan Sampson (double/double)

Daquan Sampson (double/double)

Game on!

Game on!



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Gordon runs away from Curry in the 2nd half 88-69

Garrisson Duvivier (23 points) had a big night against Curry

Garrisson Duvivier (23 points) had a big night against Curry

Sam Johnson shoots over Kieran Carroll - both players had double/doubles

Sam Johnson shoots over Kieran Carroll – both players had double/doubles

(Wenham MA) It was a scoring drought of epic proportions.

Gordon (12-8) broke away from a competitive game with Curry (1-19) in the second half during that drought and rolled to a, 88-69, win on Tuesday night in Commonwealth Coast Conference action.

The Colonels’ offense was shut down entirely for six minutes in the second half and Scots put twenty-one unanswered points together.  That run turned a GC 64-52 lead into an 85-52 rout with 5 ½ minutes left.  Great time for the reserves for both squads the rest of the way.

Garrisson Duvivier had his best statistical game of this season on short minutes (21).  The productive sophomore registered a career high in blocks (six) including two in the last minute of the first half.

Both Garrisson and Sam Johnson turned in double/doubles in this one.

Gordon had serious trouble with Curry in December, trailing by as many as fifteen in the second quarter.  No such lead the second time around but the visitors were tied with GC, 47-47, five minutes into the second half.

Battle for a rebound

Battle for a rebound

Two free throws by Garrisson, an old-fashioned 3-point play by Sam Johnson, and layups by Jaren Yang and Sam fashioned a 9-point run and Gordon gained separation, 56-47.

A couple of minutes later the disastrous scoring drought kicked in for Curry.  The Colonels misfired twelve straight times and had several turnovers added in.  That was no way to break a thirty game CCC losing streak.

Curry was missing its top two scorers and its best rebounder.  Jared Johnson led CC with twenty points.  Kiernan Carroll had a double/double for the Colonels.

Josh Ribeiro hit career highs in points (eleven) and efficiency (14).

Jake Hart had another solid game for GC with eleven points and five assists.

Jared Johnson (20 points)

Jared Johnson (20 points)


Garrisson Duvivier 36 (23 pts,16 rebs,6 blocks, 4 steals)

Kieran Carroll 17 (12 rebs, 10 pts)

Jared Johnson 16 (20 pts)

Sam Johnson 16 (12 pts, 13 rebs)

Jake Hart 15 (11 pts, 5 assists)

Gordon 111

Curry 70

Curry lost to Salve Regina by a point earlier this season.  Their last league win was on February 21, 2015 against Salve.

The only downer in this game for the home team was an elbow injury to Noah Szilagyi.  No way to know the severity of it at this point.

Next game is with our Beverly neighbors on Saturday at 3PM.  Sam Johnson (Gordon’s only senior) will be recognized.

The Gulls are 16-4 and have won four straight.  Last time the Scots trailed by one and had the ball with a chance to win the game.  Didn’t get it done that time.  Saturday would be an excellent time to upset the CCC’s top team.

Box from the game

(All pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Sam Traicoff hit two 3's

Sam Traicoff hit two 3’s

Steve Vampatella

Steve Vampatella

Cody Hunt

Cody Hunt

Sam Traicoff sets to dial long distance

Sam Traicoff sets to dial long distance

Josh Ribeiro (11 points) gets two

Josh Ribeiro (11 points) gets two

Graham Tienhaara finds a teammate

Graham Tienhaara finds a teammate

Garrisson Duvivier finishes

Garrisson Duvivier finishes

Alex Paul and Jake Haar (15 points)

Alex Paul and Jake Haar (15 points)

Layup by Garrisson Duvivier

Layup by Garrisson Duvivier


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