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Gordon advances in the CCC tourney with 99-85 win over Salve Regina

Jake Haar (20 points) made six of seven 3-point attempts

Garrisson Duvivier gets inside for two

(Wenham MA) No surprise here.

Gordon advanced to the Commonwealth Coast Conference semi-finals after a 99-85 win over Salve Regina on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center.

This was the third victory over the Seahawks this season.  Pattern has been similar each time: Gordon gets a big lead, Salve narrows the lead but doesn’t have enough offense to get things to the dicey level.

“We didn’t finish the way I’d hoped,” said Coach Murphy, “but it was nice to get most of the bench into a playoff game.”

The beauty of this game (to me) was the balanced scoring.  There were six Scots in double figures.  Usually the two first-team All-CCC’ers (Garrisson Duvivier and Eric Demers) get there with an occasional 3rd player joining them.  Tonight, every starter got there, and reserve Noah Szilagyi added ten points.

Jake Haar gets a steal

The one they were talking about afterwards was junior Jake Haar.  You watch enough GC games and you have seen “The Iceman” drain three’s.  Nothing like tonight, however.  Jake was six-for-seven from long range. “When the Iceman has it going, if you’re not right up in his shirt, he’s going to hit the shot,” said Coach Murphy.

I’ll call this Jake’s best game.  He put up twenty points, missing only one shot, and added four assists.

Gordon (18-8) gained separation late in the first half.  A 36-34 lead bulged to 47-34 in less than three minutes.  The Scots had four baskets in the breakaway run and ALL of them were assisted.  That’s called, finding your teammates.  On the night, GC had twenty-four assisted baskets and ONLY ten turnovers.  You win games with those numbers!

Two of the CCC’s best players; Rodney Morton and Garrisson Duvivier

In the second half, you knew it would happen.  What?  The lead got big (twenty points) and then SR, led by Rodney Morton (28 points) cut into it.

With seven minutes left, the Gordon lead was 83-69.  Coach Murphy called a timeout, and those paying attention, heard his “outdoor” voice.  No doubt the team caught it loud and clear.  The next 2+ minutes GC turned to layups and free throws and pushed things to the safety zone (93-72).

The Scots shot over 60% in the first half.  “Offensively we were unbelievable in the first half,” said Coach Murphy.

Garrisson Duvivier turned in his 18th Double D of this season.  He added five assists.  The immeasurable stat would be the number of shots opponents don’t take close to the basket because GD is lurking ready to hand out a rejection.

Jake Hart shows some hops in a pass reception

Next for Gordon will be Endicott at the Bennett Center (7PM) on Thursday night.  The Scots have beaten EC twice this season but both games were tight.

“Anytime you can play a great team that is your cross-town rival in a big game it’s fun,” said Coach Murphy.  I have to confess that “fun” isn’t the first thing I think of when we face the Gulls!  I think of Yankees/Red Sox where wins are exhilarating, and losses hurt for days.  To each his own on that one!

The bleachers were pulled out at the Bennett Center for this game.  The crowd was underwhelming in my opinion.  That should not be the case on Thursday night.  Playing/Beating Endicott is a happening!

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 35 (19 points,14 rebounds,5 assists)

Jake Haar 27 (20 points,4 assists)

Jaren Yang 18 (14 points)

Rodney Morton 18 (28 points)

Gordon 122

Salve Regina 81

Box from the game

(The pictures enlarge if you click on them.)

Jake Hart (15) in for two points

Eric Demers challenges Rodney Morton’s layup atteampt

Parker Omslaer fouled on a layup

Freshman Kevin Kelly forces a turnover

Josh Ribeiro drives in Seahawks traffic

Noah Szilagyi (10 points) takes off with a steal





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Exciting win (87-83) over Roger Williams extends Gordon streak to six

Garrisson Duvivier had a dominating performance in tonight’s win over Roger Williams

Eric Demers (20 points) hit a huge three in the last minute

(Amesbury MA) There was plenty to cheer about for both teams but at the end it was the team from Wenham that extended their winning streak to six.

Roger Williams lost to Endicott on Saturday in double overtime.  Their shooting, early in this one, was off.  They were probably tired.

The Scots (10-5), on the other hand, were riding a winning streak and made shot after shot early on.

The Gordon lead was a comfortable 54-40 four minutes into the second half.  But along came Conor O’Brien with two 3’s and a dunk and the Hawks went on a 15-0 run to get the lead, 55-54!

The 6-6 senior had a memorable second half collecting 28 points and 8 rebounds.  Not bad for a player averaging 13 points per game!

Conor O’Brien scored 36 points for the Hawks

But as good as Conor was, the best player was wearing blue….Garrisson Duvivier.  Garrisson had a game his freshman year against ENC that was statistically better, but that was back when teams were trying to figure out what he can do.  Now they know, and yet he was still able to drop 28 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 blocks in a tight game against a very good team.  Remarkable!

The Hawks (11-4) took the lead (55-54) with thirteen minutes left.  Then this game became exciting for both teams.  There were THIRTEEN lead changes the rest of the way.  Anyone’s game for sure.

RW took a one-point lead into the final minute but Eric Demers put a three on the home team with 43 seconds left to put the Scots ahead by two.  The Hawks had a two and a three to tie or go ahead but missed both.  Eric Demers was fouled after the second Hawks’ miss.

Jaren Yang had ten points and seven assists vs Roger Williams

Now this was where I became most impressed by Gordon’s play.  Trust me, it wasn’t the missed free throws!  Eric missed the front end of a 1&1 BUT Garrisson secured the offensive rebound and got fouled.

Garrison made one free throw and missed the second BUT Matt Valles secured the offensive rebound and got fouled.  With 11 seconds remaining Matt made 1 of 2 putting GC ahead by four 85-81.

Those offensive rebounds were special because they kept RW away from a last-second shot that could have been a game-winner for them.

Eric reached twenty points for the 10th time this season.  His three in the final minute, assisted by Jaren Yang, kept this game from going south on the Scots.  Eric tied his career-high in rebounds (8) against RW.

Hard to tell through the blurry RW feed of the game if Eric was covering Austin Coene.  Austin came in averaging nearly 25 points per game and had dropped 38 on Endicott this past Saturday.  Against GC?  Had a 5-for-17 evening and 13 points.  No question, however, that Conor O’Brien more than made up for Austin’s scoring dropoff.

One of the key players in Gordon’s recent string of successes has been senior Jaren Yang.  His ability to get the ball to teammates, especially Garrisson and Eric, has elevated his assist totals and dropped his turnover totals.  Last five game?  28 assists, 8 turnovers. Those are good numbers!

Best shot of the game?  Had to have been that last-second prayer by Jake Haar to end the first half.  Even with limited viewing visibility I could tell that it was an off-balanced shot, from long range, against two defenders, and at the last second. Those three points meant something in a game won by only four points.

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 40

Conor O’Brien 36 (34 pts,9 rebs)

Eric 19

Jaren 17 (10 pts, 7 assists)

Jake Heston 13 (13 pts,3 assists)

Gordon 112

Roger Williams 86

The Scots had twenty-four second-chance points and Roger Williams didn’t have any.

Gordon is now tied with Endicott (6-2) in the Commonwealth Coast Conference.  Nichols is a game ahead and were tested by both Wentworth and ENC in their last two games.

Gordon travels to Springfield (MA) to face Western New England on Thursday night.  The Golden Bears pinned a loss on Nichols earlier in the season.

Box from the game





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Gordon stops streak at six upending Endicott 105-98 in overtime

Jake Haar (22 points) hits a three in overtime.

Eric Demers (33 points) hits a three in overtime.

Keith Brown (28 points) shoots over Eric Demers

(Wenham MA) It had been over three years………and that was more than enough.

Gordon had lost six straight times to Endicott but tonight that stretch of bad endings ended as the Scots (8-5) outlasted the Gulls (9-4) 105-98 in overtime at the Bennett Center on Thursday night.

“It’s kind of what you expect out of an Endicott/Gordon game,” said a delighted GC coach Tod Murphy afterwards.

The coach is right.  With neither school back in session there was still a buzz in the crowd.  This is a Red Sox/Yankees type of rivalry to me.  The usual “coach line” is that “it’s only one game,” but to those of us invested in the Scots, a win over Endicott has a special sweetness to it.  And this was surely a sweet win.

Vinny Clifford (#21) goes for the block on Garrisson Duvivier

The Gulls insisted on playing at a fast pace and it paid off as they transitioned and passed into open looks in both halves.  The visitors from Beverly could put up points in a hurry but on this evening the home team had plenty of answers.

“I don’t want to get into a shootout with Endicott very often, but we’ve got some very good scorers too,” said Coach Murphy.

Keith Brown (28 points) paced the Gulls.  He came in with a 24.9 points per game average and displayed a variety of shots.

On this night, however, it was the Eric Demers show.  The sophomore had a career high thirty-three points and added five assists as well as five steals.  It was the best game I have seen him play.

The final spread was seven points but anyone witnessing this one at the Bennett Center would tell you that Endicott had big leads in each half.  Both times it was eleven points: 36-25 with 3 ½ minutes left in the first half and 63-52 five minutes into the second half.

Eric Demers covered by Keith Brown

But in the age of the 3-point shot, comebacks can happen in a hurry.  This was one of those nights.  Eric Demers made three’s and junior Jake Haar (22 points) did as well.  And when the Gulls overplayed the perimeter there was Garrisson Duvivier (19 points) in close for layups.

In overtime Eric, Jake, and Garrisson put eight unanswered points together and gave GC a 96-90 lead with two minutes left.  Endicott didn’t have the necessary offense/defense to overcome the deficit in the end game.

The Scots have now won four straight and are 4-2 in the Commonwealth Coast Conference.  The two CCC leaders (Nichols and Roger Williams) each have one loss.

“I know that we’re 4-2,” said Coach Murphy, “and I know that Nichols is the team to beat.  We’ll be facing them in a couple of weeks here at the Bennett Center.  However, we need to concentrate on the five games (Salve Regina, Roger Williams, Western New England, Curry, UNE) between now and then.”

Guard Josh Crutchfield had six rebounds

One of the keys to this win?  The Gordon bench (Josh Crutchfield, Parker Omslaer, Noah Szilagyi, Josh Ribiero, and Jake Hart) has been able to come on and gain ground on opponents during the four-game win streak.  “We stuck with our subs for a long time,” said Coach Murphy. “They played well.”

Garrisson Duvivier nearly had the game-winner in regulation.  Garrisson collected his tenth double/double this season putting nineteen points together with fourteen rebounds.

Parker Omslaer jams

Jake Haar had family from California in the house and he didn’t disappoint connecting six times from long range.  Jake’s best game? Last year he had twenty-three points versus the Gulls.

Endicott lost all their starters from last year and it is remarkable how quickly they have regrouped with new players.  One of the key additions to the team is Matt McDevitt (17 points,4 assists) who was the best player in Maine last year.

Rob O’Brien suffered a painful shoulder injury in the first half.

Guard Josh Crutchfield had six rebounds for Gordon.

Former GC players Shaun Roach and Park Thomas were on hand as well as the Dempsey brothers.

Efficiency Chart

Eric Demers 31

Garrisson Duvivier 24

Jake Haar 20

Keith Brown 20

Matt McDevitt 17

Gordon 132

Endicott 103

Box from the game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge when you click on them.)

Eric Demers fouled late in overtime

Joe Villa fires a shot at the end of regulation

Garrisson Duvivier beats the Endicott defense

Garrisson Duvivier nearly ends the game in regulation

Garrisson Duvivier in close

Freshman Josh Crutchfield

Noah Szilagyi amongst three Gulls

Battle inside between Garrisson Duvivier and Nick Thibeault (18 points)

Struggle near the rim

Endicott coach Kevin Bettencourt

Jaren Yang gets a layup







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Scots fizzle in OT losing to Becker 79-75

Jake Haar shoots in regulation

Jalen Robinson (3) had the game winner for Becker in overtime

(Wenham MA) Outside the snow was falling.

Inside the Bennett Center, however, the shots weren’t falling for Gordon in overtime.

The result was a 79-75 loss to Becker in non-league action on Saturday afternoon.

The Scots (2-4) have become a frustrating team to watch.  Why?  They have been streaky in either direction.  They will dazzle and then they will fizzle.

In this one, GC rallied from a ten-point deficit midway through the second half exciting the crowd along the way with nifty long-range shooting by Noah Szilagyi and Jake Haar.

Eric Demers out-of-bounds near the end of regulation

Gordon looked to have the last shot in regulation but after Eric Demers went out of bounds it was Kareem Davis rimming out a shot from the left corner that would have won it for the visitors.

The dazzle/fizzle thing reared its ugly head in overtime.  After staying with the Hawks (5-4) for 2:32 of the OT, the bottom dropped out for GC when Garrisson Duvivier fouled out.  The home team never scored another point.

Becker didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard for a while as two missed free throws, a missed layup, and two turnovers would indicate.  But when Eric Demers missed a three, Becker called a timeout with thirty-six seconds left.

Sam Durodola shoots over Matt Valles in overtime

You had to think that the Hawks would look to get either Kareem Davis (20.8 PPG) or Sam Durodola (18.6 PPG) the last shot but two freshman defenders (Josh Crutchfield and Matt Valles) prevented that from happening.

“We told Jalen Robinson that if Kareem was overplayed that he should take the ball to the basket,” explained Becker coach Brian Gorman afterward.  The 5-10 sophomore noted the coverage and drove to the basket with what turned out to be the winning basket with twenty-seven seconds left.

Plenty of time for the Scots to rally from a two-point deficit but a Josh Crutchfield pass intended for Eric Demers was intercepted by sophomore Donzell Cunningham.  Two Kareem Davis free throws followed and this game was history.

“I’ll take the win and the 5-4 record,” said Becker Coach Gorman afterwards, “but we are making too many mistakes.”

Garrisson Duvivier leaves the court after getting his 5th foul

The key play in the game?  Garrisson Duvivier fouling out.  “That was big,” added Coach Gorman.  “We couldn’t cover him.”

Garrisson had a career game rebounding (19) and added 17 points.

With Garrisson gone, the idea of going to the basket and possibly getting baskets or free throws vanished from the offensive schemes.  Another around-the-basket option needs to emerge.

Josh Crutchfield applies denial defense to Kareem Davis

I loved the tight defense Josh Crutchfield applied to Kareem Davis late in the game.  The BC junior had trouble even touching the ball!

Eric Demers made a gutsy triple near the end of regulation to tie the score.  That 3-pointer, however, would be the only one he was able to make out of eight attempts.  This follows 14-for-27 from long range in the previous three games.  Go figure!

The team from Leicester (MA) has losses to Nichols and Western New England.  Both are Commonwealth Coast Conference teams.

The Hawks were 19-9 last season.  The team has one senior (Sam Durodola).  Sam was the MVP of the New England Collegiate Conference in 2016-17.

Sam and teammate Dewayne Thomas both registered double/double’s against Gordon.

Someone appears to have convinced Jake Haar that he has to take more shots.

I am quite sure that I heard one of the Gordon spectators quoting Scripture when a Becker player was taking free throws.  Using Scripture that way crosses a line for me.

Pretty good crowd at the Bennett Center on a snowy afternoon.

The Scots visit Johnson & Wales (Providence RI) on Tuesday night.

Turnovers always get my attention.  Gordon will continue to struggle winning games when their usual top two scorers have TWELVE giveaways between them.

Tight defense?

One of Eric Demers’ turnovers could well have been the result of Kareem Davis trying to take the lower part of his uniform off.

Becker kept Gordon around by missing fourteen free throws.

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 24

Sam Durodola 23 (23 points,13 rebounds)

Jake Haar 17 (13 points,7 rebounds)

Dewayne Thomas 16 (13 points,12 rebounds)

Becker 78

Gordon 76

Box from the game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably.)

Garrisson Duvivier goes over Dewayne Thomas

Eric Demers breaks ahead of Kareem Davis

Josh Ribeiro tries to drive past Dewayne Thomas

Jake Haar (13 points)

Junior Kareem Davis

Garrisson Duvivier looks for an opening

Battle in the air

Jake Haar chases Kareem Davis

Sam Durodola defended by Garrisson Duvivier

Noah Szilagyi clear for a three in front of the Gordon bench

Eric Demers gets fouled by Jamir Carr

Kareem Davis nearly won the game in regulation

Kareem Davis ices the game with two free throws in overtime



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Gordon defeats Elms 85-66 with 17-point second half streak

Garrisson Duvivier in the lane. Garrison had a double/double against Elms

(Amesbury MA) Gordon ran seventeen unanswered points in the second half and that gained them permanent separation from Elms College (Chicopee MA) on Wednesday night.

The final was 85-66 in this non-league opener for both squads.

Junior Garrisson Duvivier started the season with a double/double scoring nineteen points with twelve rebounds.  Garrisson collected two of his baskets during the decisive run in the second half.

Eric Demers topped all scorers with 18 points

The top scorer was sophomore Eric Demers putting eighteen points together with four assists.  Eric had two 3’s and an assist during GC’s 17-point streak.

The Blazers (0-1) had enough rebounding and firepower to stay with the Scots.  If you could delete their 5 ½ minutes of shutout basketball the finish would have been very tight.  But when you miss twelve shots in a row, including three layups, bad things are bound to happen.

Elms has now dropped nine straight games.

The Scots (1-0) shot fifty percent relying on open three’s as well as attempts in the paint.

It was instantly evident that Gordon will need to find ways to replace the inside presence of graduated Sam Johnson.  Freshmen Matty Valles (6-6) and Parker Omslaer (6-11), however, showed promise rebounding and blocking shots.

Jake Haar shot 2-for-3 from long range versus Elms

I watch Jake Haar play and I immediately think of Brady Bajema of the 2009-10 Gordon title team.  Both absolutely refuse to shoot a low-percentage shot.  They seldom drive, being content to stay beyond the arc waiting for an open look.  When that look comes they generally cash it.  Jake was 6-for-8 from long range last year against Elms.  This year he was 2-for-3.

Gordon did a nice shot of sharing the ball.  The twenty assists they had tonight in western Massachusetts happened only four times last season.

Getting the ball to Garrisson Duvivier anywhere in the paint is a high-percentage way to get an assist.

Missed free throws did not cost the team from Wenham this game.  Better teams are ahead (Salem State Tuesday night), however, and those ten freebie misses tonight would be disastrous against them.

Yes, I still believe that the Efficiency Stat gives a pretty good picture of how players and teams performed.  How does it work?  You subtract the negative stats (turnovers, missed free throws, missed field goals) from the positive stats (rebounds, points, steals, blocks, assists, steals).

Efficiency Stat

Garrison Duvivier 27

Eric Demers 19

Keeshaun King 13 (11 points)

Parker Omlaer 13 (8 points, 3 blocks)

Pablo Ortiz 12

Gordon 107

Elms 59

The Scots did well against the Elms pressure.  Good passing.

Elms is in the New England Collegiate Conference.  The Blazers were 4-21 last season.

Biggest GC deficiency in my opinion is this game?  It had to be blocking out.  Too many extra shots for a smaller opponent.

My first actual look at this year’s team will be the home opener on December 5th.  I will be relying on the computer feeds in the next three games.  The Elms’ one was a good view for a while then it slipped into a freeze while Gordon put their game-deciding surge together.

Gordon was 15-11 last season.  Picked by the Commonwealth Coast Conference coaches to finish 2nd this season.

Any picture I use will be from a previous season until after I see the Curry game in December.

Box Score


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Gordon loses tough one to Roger Williams, 92-85, in double OT

Nick Marini had 12 assists, 8 rebounds, and 14 points for Roger Williams

Nick Marini had 12 assists, 8 rebounds, and 14 points for Roger Williams

(Amesbury MA) Huge win for the Hawks.

In two overtimes, Roger Williams defeated Gordon, 92-85, on Wednesday night.

The victory moves the Hawks into a three-way tie for the top spot in the Commonwealth Coast Conference with Nichols and Endicott.  The Bison dropped the Gulls at Dudley tonight.

For the Scots, the loss was devastating.  Instead of getting back into contention for a possible third-place finish, GC is now tied with Wentworth for the final spot to earn a first-round home game in the CCC tournament.

Ahead Gordon has to face Wentworth, in Boston, on Saturday.  The Scots have lost six straight to the Leopards.

Things are not looking good for the team from Wenham.  Of course, we heard that same tune the other night about the team from Foxboro, didn’t we?

This loss to Roger Williams was about as frustrating as they come.  The Scots had some remarkably good stats (Sam Johnson 22 rebounds, Garrisson Duvivier 30 points, Jake Haar 5-for-5 from long range) and some remarkably bad stats (27 turnovers, 10 free throws missed). Sadly, in this game, those bad ones carried the day.

In the outcome-deciding second overtime, Gordon led 81-80.  In four of the next five possessions there were turnovers.  Meanwhile, RW had a three from Jaylen Jennings, and two free throws and a layup from Josh Syska to gain separation, 87-81.  Game. Set. Match.

Jaylen (16 points including 5 triples) had a big part in getting the home team into overtime.  Most of his made three’s were from NBA range.

Josh Syska is outstanding at drawing real and imagined charges

Josh Syska is outstanding at drawing real and imagined charges

Josh had seventeen points but his biggest contribution may well have been convincing the referees that Garrisson and Sam were knocking him to the floor by fouling him.  Their tendency to back opponents down played right into his “flopmeister” tactics.  In hockey, they have penalties for diving.  Not yet in basketball so the referees have to be in a position to determine whether the fall was connected to contact or a possible acting career.

Roger Williams struggled to make shots for the longest time.  The misfirings enabled GC to reach their biggest lead (43-27) two minutes into the second half.

Three-plus minutes later the Scots were still stuck on 43 and RW had run nine straight.  Again, turnovers played a part as GC had three of them during that stretch.

The thing about the turnovers is that Roger Williams never pressed.  Gordon was careless with the ball.  Dribbling in traffic or bad judgment on passing lanes, were involved often in the costly miscues.  Tonight’s twenty-seven tied a season high.

Garrisson Duvivier had thirty points for GC

Garrisson Duvivier had thirty points for GC

A team shouldn’t win with that many mistakes but Gordon nearly did.  There was no letup on the Scots’ part and a slight decrease in the TO’s and a slight elevation in free throw accuracy and they would have won.  Sounds like the Falcons talking!  Coulda. Shoulda.

Freshman Sam Traicoff has been elevated to the first player off the Gordon bench.  He drained two 3’s in thirty minutes of action.  The entire season prior to tonight he had played only fifty minutes.  Losing both Eric Demers and Noah Szilagyi has given Sam his chance.

Nick Marini was terrific for the Hawks.  The junior point guard had twelve assists, eight rebounds, and fourteen points.  RW needed his two free throws with six seconds left in the first overtime to reach the second overtime.

The Hawks (18-4) have now won four straight.  They will be at Endicott on Saturday.

Gordon (12-10 overall, 9-6 in the CCC) can now finish no higher than fourth.  Saturday’s game at WIT could very well decide that 4th spot.

Jake Haar was 5-for-5 from long range

Jake Haar was 5-for-5 from long range

Jake Haar was back in his CCC-leading, 3-point shooting form making 5-of-5.  He put a 6-for-20 stretch over the last three games behind him.  Finding the sophomore more shots has to be a priority.


Nick Marini 30

Garrisson Duvivier 24 (30 points, 12 rebounds)

Sam Johnson 21 (8 points, 22 rebounds)

Austin Coene 19 (22 points)

Josh Syska 16 (17 points, 7 rebounds)

Roger Williams 105

Gordon 90

Roger Williams has beaten Endicott and Wentworth but lost to Nichols twice.

The feed from RW was very good.

The snow forecast tomorrow as well as for Saturday and Sunday could impact the games this weekend.  But this is New England!  Snow happens.

Box from this game.




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Endicott too much for Gordon (82-65) on Senior Day

Senior Sam Johnson and his family honored before the game

Senior Sam Johnson and his family honored before the game

Kamahl Walker (29 points)

Kamahl Walker (29 points)

(Wenham MA) It didn’t go entirely the way we had hoped.

Senior Sam Johnson was indeed honored pregame on Senior Day but after that the Scots were supposed to get a win over the visiting Endicott Gulls.

The first part went off without a hitch but getting a victory over EC?  Not this time.

Endicott (17-4) never trailed in a convincing, 82-65, performance on Saturday afternoon before this season’s best crowd at the Bennett Center.

Kamahl Walker had sixteen points in the second half

Kamahl Walker had sixteen points in the second half

Kamahl Walker (29 points) did a wonderful impersonation of the Celtic’s Isaiah Thomas by driving past or shooting over most of the defenders he encountered.  The EC senior had sixteen points in the second half.

Late in the game, Gordon’s Jake Hart was isolated on Kamahl with the rest of his Endicott teammates spread out along the baseline.  Looked like the perfect time for him to drive but instead he pulled up for a three and made it.  What’s a defender to do?

While Endicott was shooting over 50% for the game, the Scots (12-9) struggled.  Trouble spot?  Outside shooting.  Noah Szilagyi has joined Eric Demers in the out-for-the-season category.  Their three-point accuracy was missed big-time against the Gulls.

Also of note is the cooling off of Jake Haar (12 points).  The GC sophomore has slipped to 6-for-20 over the last three games.  Because of the status of Gordon’s outside shooting, Jake has been forced into trying more three’s than usual and sometimes from places he normally wouldn’t shoot from.

Jake had twenty-three points in the one-point loss at Endicott.  That drew him the defense of EC’s Stephen Basden this time.

The Scots quickly were behind 14-5 and then 30-15.  Later in the first half it was 36-22 before GC put their best run of the day together by closing the deficit to 38-33 at halftime.

Christien Morneweck guards Sam Johnson

Christien Morneweck guards Sam Johnson

A triple by Jake Haar, a jumper by Josh Ribeiro, and a layup from Sam Johnson, plus free throws by Jake and Jake Hart provided the firepower in the late run.

The Gulls moved the lead back to double figures (44-33) early in the second half and Gordon was never able to challenge inside of nine points thereafter.

Sam Johnson and Daquan Sampson had double/doubles for their respective teams.

The efficiency charts reveals that statistically this was Gordon’s poorest outing of the season.  Fewer rebounds than usual and weak shooting were the chief culprits.


Kamahl Walker 31 (29 points, 3 steals)

Daquan Sampson 17 (13 points, 10 rebounds)

Sam Johnson 15 (13 points, 10 rebounds)

Chris Lipscomb 13 (9 points, 4 assists)

Max Motroni 11 (13 points)

Endicott 97

Gordon 52

Kamahl Walker and Sam Johnson before the game

Kamahl Walker and Sam Johnson before the game

The Scots (9-5) are currently sitting in 4th place in the Commonwealth Coast Conference one game ahead of Wentworth (8-6).  It is starting to look as if GC will be facing WIT in the post-season tournament.  Can Gordon do enough over the final four games to keep that spot and get a home game in the first round?

Last year’s two seniors, Richie Armand and Udoka Obiora, were in the house.

The crowd was terrific.  They made plenty of supportive noise even as the team they were there to cheer struggled.

Gordon will be at Roger Williams (Wednesday) and at Wentworth next Saturday.

My wife and I were pleased to enjoy the senior (Sam Johnson) celebration after the game.  It was nice to get to meet some of the parents of the players on this year’s team

At the gathering coach Tod Murphy credited Sam with being the piece that enabled Gordon to win the CCC title three seasons ago.  Sam joined the Scots in January of his freshman year.

Box from this game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Coach Tod Murphy and Sam Johnson

Coach Tod Murphy and Sam Johnson

Jaren Yang in front of the impressive GC turnout

Jaren Yang in front of the impressive GC turnout

Tussle for the ball

Tussle for the ball

Graham Tienhaara tries to block Kamahl Walker's shot

Graham Tienhaara tries to block Kamahl Walker’s shot

GC dance team

GC dance team

Garrisson Duvivier to the rim

Garrisson Duvivier to the rim

Kamahl Walker on the break

Kamahl Walker on the break

Chris Lipscomb on the drive

Chris Lipscomb on the drive

Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Daquan Sampson (double/double)

Daquan Sampson (double/double)

Game on!

Game on!



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