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Gordon defeats UNE 76-72 despite 43 points from Alex Kravchuk

Alex Kravchuk (43 points) kept UNE in the game
David Massillon (15 points/12 rebounds)

(Pictures enlarge when you click on them.)

(Wenham MA) Alex Kravchuk (43 points) had a career game for UNE but it wasn’t enough.

Gordon defeated the Nor’easters, 76-72, on Wednesday night to end a two-game losing streak.

“Hats off to Alex,” said Gordon coach Tod Murphy afterwards.  “He kept them in the game and almost won it for them.”

UNE (2-11) led briefly in the first half (14-13) but quickly fell behind and trailed the rest of the way.

Parker Omslaer (12 points/11 rebounds)

However, in the late stages of the game the visitors were constantly within two possessions of taking the lead.

Coach Murphy was pleased with the win but lamented the way his team played.  “We’re in a funk and I don’t know why,” he said.  “The mental mistakes we made in the second half were hard to imagine.”

Taking care of the ball, making open shots were problems but when was the last time you saw a team get a technical foul for having too many players on the floor?  But it happened to the Scots in this game in the closing minute in a tight game.

How many Scots are on the floor in the closing minute?
Mark Rella (14 points/seven rebounds)

How did the Scots (5-6) win?

Credit seniors David Massillon (15 points/12 rebounds) and Parker Omslaer (12 points/11 rebounds).

David got the start tonight and went to the basket on almost every possession.  He scored points and he drew fouls.  It was easily his best game of this season. 

Parker had his first double/double of the season.  He added four blocks and two assists and didn’t have any turnovers.  It might well have been his best game of the season too.

Treyton Tebbs to the rim

Gordon had scoring production from all nine players who participated. 

UNE had 43 points from Alex and fourteen from Mark Rella.  After that, there were some serious shooting problems for the Nor’easters.  Three UNE players combined to go 4-for-43.

The Scots continue their mastery of UNE at home.  The Nor’easters are 1-16 all-time at Gordon.

Alex Kravchuk avoids a blocked shot

It was a special night for Alex Kravchuk.  The six-footer had ten rebounds to go with his forty-three points.  He did drain five 3’s but seven of his baskets were from in close and near potential shot blockers. 

“Alex was the toughest player on the court for sure,” said Coach Murphy, “and it wasn’t even close.”

“We going to have to go back to work,” added Coach Murphy.  “Hopefully we’ll gain some confidence from somewhere.  It doesn’t get any easier for us because we have Nichols next.”

(The pictures will enlarge when clicked on.)

Justin Yu (six points)
Michael Makiej in close late in the game
Zach Boulay
Drake Gavin (10 rebounds)
Alex Kravchuk fouled on the way to the basket
Alex Kravchuk made five 3’s
Michael Makiej in for a layup
Caleb Scott rebounds
David Massillon powers to the basket
Treyton Tebbs
Bryce Smith
Michael Makiej (9 points/6 rebounds)
David Massillon at the line
Garrett Sattazahn (11 points/8 rebounds)

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Gordon clinches playoff spot with 83-67 win over UNE

Eric Demers (28 points) found ways to score on the inside against UNE

(Wenham MA) Eric was Eric.

Garrett Sattazahn (25 points) reached a career high

Garrett set a career high in points scored.

Parker took away the inside for UNE.

The result was an important 83-67 win over the Nor’Easters on Wednesday night at the Bennett Center.

“I’m thrilled with the victory,” said Gordon coach Tod Murphy afterwards. “Before tonight we had no guarantee that we would get into the playoffs.”

Combined with a Roger Williams’ loss tonight, the Scots are into the playoffs which start next Tuesday.

“The crazy thing,” added Coach Murphy, “is that if we win Saturday (at Nichols) there’s a way that we could host on Tuesday. Granted, about six different things have to happen for that to work.”

Ray Evans and Eric Demers

Eric Demers had his 15th straight 30+ points per game streak stopped with “only” twenty-eight tonight. He must be slipping!

UNE coach Ed Silva: “Eric is a stud.”

The Scots (12-12) pulled away from the Nor’Easters at the end of the first half, building up a ten-point lead (43-33).

UNE was also looking for some CCC playoff guarantee tonight.

“Tonight would have solidified a playoff spot for us,” said Coach Silva. “Now we have to win Saturday (vs Roger Williams) to guarantee us a spot.”

Parker Omslaer had ten rebounds

UNE can still get in with a loss Saturday, but they would have to rely on other teams winning/losing to make it happen.

Eric Demers had a little extra incentive in tonight’s game: “I didn’t want to leave this school with a loss on this court. It’s been an up-and-down season, but I wanted to win my last game here.”

There was a sense of urgency for both teams, but the Scots did a better job of not showing it. They stayed with UNE in the early going and then rode the hot shooting of Eric and Garrett Sattazahn to a 23-point lead in the second half. The Nor’Easters would get to within twelve points in the final 2 ½ minutes but the Scots held on.

Garrett Sattazahn guarded by Siddiq Canty

Garrett hit five of ten three’s and reached a career-high twenty-five points. His heated performance certainly took the pressure off Eric to have to score 30+ points for the Scots to have a chance.

“Garrett is next,” said Eric. “He coming up right after me. He’s going to be great here for a long time.”

“Next year Garrett might have to be like Eric,” reported Coach Murphy. “It depends on how recruiting goes. There’s a lot of playing time available and we’ll have 40+ points per game (Eric and AJ Terry) to make up somewhere.”

“I thought they (Gordon) competed harder than we did,” said Coach Silva. “They had a sense of urgency and we didn’t.”

Coach Silva cited one particular play relating to urgency: “We turned the ball over at the end of the second quarter (Eric steal) and Josh (Crutchfield) raced full court to get a layup. Those are the types of plays that earn you playoff spots.”

Josh Crutchfield breaks in

Gordon’s zone defense lasted the whole game. It’s been “pulled” several times recently.

Parker Omslaer protects the inside

“When Parker (Omslaer) is a force inside it makes all the difference in the world,” said Coach Murphy.

UNE missed fifty shots (25/75) and Parker’s 6-11 presence had something to do with the inaccuracies.

“We knew that they’d stay with the zone if we didn’t score against it easily,” said Coach Silva.

Asked about tonight’s defense, Eric said, “The defense was good. It’s crazy because we didn’t change anything. It’s just a matter of which team shows up.”

“The defense was good,” said Josh Crutchfield. “We all bought into it tonight.”

Parker finished with his fifth double/double (10 points/12 rebounds) of the season.

Avery DeBrito (16 points & 10 rebounds)

Avery DeBrito (16 points/10 rebounds) and Siddiq Canty (16 points) paced the Nor’Easters. Alex Kravchuk added fourteen points for the team from Biddeford (ME).

Last year’s UNE team pressed full-court, shot three’s, and substituted frequently. Not this year. “At the end of last season, we changed our style of play based on guys we had coming in.”

One of the players coming in was freshman Siddiq Canty. “He’s a very smooth player,” said Coach Silva. “A friend of mine was head coach at Woodstock Academy (Connecticut) and he told me about Siddiq when he came on campus.”

The Scots end their regular season at Nichols Saturday. “It will be tough,” admitted Coach Murphy. “It’s their Senior Day.” Gordon lost in overtime to Nichols at the Bennett Center in December.

I asked Coach Murphy what his memories were of Eric playing at the Bennett Center: “My memory of his playing here will be his raining shots on people left and right. Tonight he didn’t shoot that well from the outside so he went inside on post-ups and drives. He was probably our leading post scorer tonight.”

Box from the game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Siddiq Canty tries to shoot against David Massillon

Siddiq Canty hears it from the Gordon student section

Parker Omslaer gets ready to finish

Garrett Sattazahn dials up a three in front of the Gordon bench

Eric Demers shoots a free throw

Eric Demers draws a crowd

David Massillon after a loose ball

Alex Kravchuk passes

Alex Kravchuk (14 points)

AJ Terry gets a rebound



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Gordon (17-2) routs UNE 100-71

Eric Demers chased by Avery DeBrito (1) and Ryan Beatty (25)

David Massillon jam

(Wenham MA) You start off missing two shots and having three turnovers.

The opponent steals the ball nineteen times in the game.

You miss sixteen free throws.

Okay, now we’ve got the bad news out of the way!

Gordon recovered from the loss to Western New England on Saturday by defeating the University of New England, 100-71, on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center.

Gordon coach Tod Murphy liked his team’s defense: “We won this game on defense.  They had only fifty-one points with five minutes left.  They’re a team averaging over ninety points a game.  We contested everything.”

Junior Eric Demers liked the Scots’ offense: “We needed a good offensive game like this.  UNE is a great team to bounce back against.  Everyone gets involved.  Everyone gets shots.”

Garrisson Duvivier readies a no-look pass

The Scots (17-2) fell to Western New England on Saturday because they started slowly.  Tonight’s start looked like more of the same.

“Those first two minutes were a nightmare,” recalled Coach Murphy.  “We played terribly.”

UNE jumped into an 8-0 lead but it disappeared in a hurry.  The Scots began to make shots and their defense tightened up.

Gordon moved in front 16-13 and then put effective offense/defense together for the next five minutes.  While the Nor’easters missed seven shots and had three turnovers, Gordon rolled off fourteen unanswered points.  Eric Demers had a layup, a three, and two free throws in this good segment.  Noah Szilagyi added a layup (after a steal) and a three.  Josh Ribeiro contributed a layup.

Noah Szilagyi (14 points) heads for two

That burst put GC in front 30-13.  Halftime was 55-28.

Earlier in the season there was a big lead against Curry that melted in the second half.  Not tonight.  The good Gordon defense stayed in place when the reserves had their turns on the court.

The visitors from Biddeford (Maine) substituted in quantity, pressed full-court, and fired three’s.  The firing three’s part was disrupted by the solid GC perimeter defense.

Unusual scoring numbers tonight.  We usually find either Eric Demers and/or Garrisson Duvivier leading the scoring.  Versus UNE (5-14) it was Parker Omslaer (16), Noah Szilagyi (14) and Avelino Damoura (13).

Avelino Damoura (13 points) had a career game

It was a career scoring night for Avelino.  The sophomore got to the basket and made several three’s.  The less said about his foul shooting, or the team’s foul shooting, for that matter, the better.

When Eastern Nazarene dropped out of the Commonwealth Coast Conference the team total changed to nine.  No longer is every team playing on the days of CCC inter-league play. Point?  Gordon has no game this coming Saturday and won’t play again (Wentworth) until January 29th.

“It’s a long stretch,” said Coach Murphy.  “We’ll probably take a few days off and go out and do some recruiting.  We’re losing seven players and need to track down some players for next year.”

On finding a replacement for Garrisson Duvivier: “Garrisson is one-of-a-kind.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to replace him.  I think that David Massillon will be a terrific player in time.”

Garrisson had his 15th double/double of the season.  GD, in case you’ve forgotten, is Gordon’s 2nd all-time leading scorer.

Josh Crutchfield in transition

Eric Demers got into foul trouble and saw short minutes as a result.  He had only eight points but his teammate (Josh Ribeiro) assured me that there was no cause for concern: “Eric had a slow night but that’s just one night.  He’s going to come out and score thirty next game.”  Consider yourself warned, Wentworth!

Discussing the Western New England loss that ended a fifteen-game winning streak:

“We had gotten very comfortable as a team,” said Eric.  “It was bound to happen.  It humbled us a little bit.  Western New England put together a great forty minutes and we only put together twenty minutes.”

Scramble for possession

“We didn’t do much regarding the loss to Western New England,” said Coach Murphy.  “Our goal is to get better every day.  Our defensive intensity versus Western New England was nothing like it was tonight.”

Our neighbors in Beverly took another loss to Nichols tonight.  GC and Nichols have only one conference loss each.  The rematch in February (at the Bennett Center) is starting to shape up as a very special game.

Box from the game

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Brett Bowman


Josh Crutchfield looks to pass

Luke Meyer

Adam Konicki (7 points) floats in

Cody Hunt and Pablo De La Guardia Criado

Jake Haar about to launch a three

John Saxe guarded by Kyle Frank




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Gordon rolls past UNE 110-90 to run streak to eleven

Josh Crutchfield set a career high in points with thirteen

(Amesbury MA) Reach for the record books when UNE is the opponent.

The Nor’easters play most of their defense in the backcourt, shoot three’s with abandon, and look to wear down opponents with frequent substitutions.

The style can throw an opponent off but not the Scots tonight as they started fast and routed UNE, 110-90, on Thursday night in Biddeford (ME).

Gordon (12-1) went up by double figures five minutes into the game and put together an astounding 67-point first half while UNE committed seventeen first-half turnovers.

Eric Demers set a career mark in steals with seven

If Eric Demers has had a better half, I can’t recall it: Twenty points, three assists, six steals!

The Nor’easters were better in the second half but a 24-point deficit (67-43) is large when GC had so many good looks to choose from when they took care of the basketball.

When the Scots forced UNE to play half-court defense there was gold to be found and it was usually close to the basket.  Sophomore Parker Omslaer (20 points) had a career game inside not missing a shot.

Noah Szilagyi (24) and Josh Crutchfield (13) set career marks in points scored.  Three of Josh’s points came on a half-court buzzer beater ending the first half.

Garrisson Duvivier (17 rebounds/17 points) had his tenth double/double of the season.  His nine assists were a career high.

Eric Demers had the awesome first half and ended with 25 points, 7 assists, and 7 steals.  The steals were a career high.  With tonight’s points Eric passed Gene Fitzgerald and Nathan Ubelhofer on the all-time scoring list.  ED is now 10th and climbing.

Garrisson Duvivier set a career mark in assists with nine

The first half was a treat to watch.  The second half, not so much.

How come?  The Gordon zone gave up too many three’s and layups.  In the first half UNE struggled to get those kinds of shots.  Not in the second half.  On offense?  Way too many turnovers.  Twenty-five is a season high.  Hanging onto the ball too long led to many of them.  Trying to dribble through double-teams probably accounted for the rest of them. However, when Gordon found the open man, and passed the ball around, UNE was in trouble.  On one beautiful sequence every Gordon player touched the ball with a dunk finishing the possession.

Gordon has now won eleven straight, but that mark won’t mean much to Gordon’s next two opponents; Nichols (Saturday) and Endicott (Thursday).  If we’re still talking about Gordon’s win streak a week from now, it will be time to really get excited about this year’s team.

Box from the game

Noah Szilagyi set career marks in points (24) and turnovers (8)



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UNE scores in the closing seconds ousting Gordon from the playoffs

Katie Beaudoin (4) shoots as Kiersten Klose (5) defends

(Wenham MA) It’s not over ‘til it’s over.

The clock was winding down on a scoreless game and the Gordon announcer was counting down the seconds………and UNE’s Katie Beaudoin was full speeding down the left side.

“The countdown helped,” said Katie afterwards.  “I knew it was getting close and we didn’t want to go to overtime.  There was no time to pass.  I was definitely shooting.”

And shoot she did and off the hand of GC goalie Giselle Maso the shot went and into the far corner.

There were only 2.7 seconds left in the game!

Katie Beaudoin (4) under the scoreboard that shows the time but not the goal she just scored.

Happy Nor’Easters

“She (Katie Beaudoin) is one of the top players in the conference and she came through for them,” said Gordon coach Chuck Breton.

The win puts the Nor’Easters into the Commonwealth Coast Conference finals on Saturday.  Definitely a game they are not all that familiar with.  The last time?  Eighteen years ago.

Lexi Potter (19) forced wide by Erica Dimmick (2)

I expected that Gordon would find a way to win this game because they, on the other hand, had been to the championship game five of the last six years.  And furthermore, the Scots had won eight of their last meetings with the team from Biddeford (ME).

But that’s why you show up.  You don’t know how things will end up.  Today’s game certainly had a shocking ending.

“The previous coach told me that we (UNE) had struggled with Gordon in the past,” said UNE coach Carly Gettler.

“We just kept at it today,” she said.  “As the clock was winding down I was worrying about overtime because some of my key players were pretty gassed.”

Ball bounces to UNE goalie Jenna Pannone

But overtime never came and there was plenty of excitement among the visitors at the end of the game.

Devin Lacroix (12) and Amanda Gagne (7)

“UNE did a good job of imposing their style of play on us,” explained Coach Breton.  “We wanted to be more attack-minded.”

And why not?  The Scots have the two top scorers (Lexi Potter & Asha Steele) in the league.  Lexi was named the Offensive Player of the Year because of her seventeen goals and six assists.

Gordon wanted to shoot early and often as they had in the previous 1-0 win over UNE in September.  The Scots had 20 shots on that day and UNE just 8.  This time the shots were almost even.

Goal keeper Jenna Pannone was challenged several times but not too seriously.

Monet Marshall (24) redirects a corner kick

Gordon had several corner kicks but only a header on one of them by Monet Marshall was a serious threat.

UNE (9-72) gets to play another game.

Gordon (11-7-1) will have to wait until next year for another title attempt.  Last title? Twenty years ago.

GC’s Chuck Breton was the CCC Coach of the Year for the first time. “Today was a great game,” he said.  “It could have gone either way.”

This was my first time doing/seeing a game at the Brigham Athletic Complex.  Impressive field.  Plenty of seating.  Decent parking.

Excellent weather (low 50’s) for late October.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Katie Beaudoin (4)

Katie Beaudoin

Jessie Maywalt (assisted on game winner)

Monet Marshall

Lexi Potter (19) shoots

Lexi Potter (19) looks to shoot

GK Jenna Pannone dives for a shot

Hannah Johnson

Devin Lacroix (12) turns the corner

Devin Lacroix (12) and Erica Dimmick (2)

Casey Hayes (3) and Jessie Maywalt (23)

Caroline Wilson (11), Tori Caswell (7), Brianna Cota (21)

Asha Steele lines up a shot



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Gordon wins shootout 126-108 over UNE

Eric Demers (37 points) made seven 3’s in win over UNE

UNE frequently changed players to keep them fresh

(Wenham MA) If you try to cover a game with the University of New England you better have career stats handy.

UNE coach Ed Silva told me before the game, “We play everyone. We try to create chaos.  We want to press and score points in a hurry.  We’re hoping to wear down our opponents and finish strong.”

The Nor’Easters did all that, but it wasn’t enough as Gordon defeated them, 126-108, on Wednesday night in Commonwealth Coast Conference action.

The Scots (12-6) had been on the wrong side of a 121-113 score at UNE earlier in the season and were better prepared this time around for what UNE would do.

The Scots wasted little time getting the ball down the court.

“We didn’t turn the ball over as much,” recalled GC coach Tod Murphy.  “We were a lot more aggressive going to the basket when we broke their press.  Last time we didn’t do that.”

Coach Murphy was quick to admit that Eric Demers (37 points) was a key to the win. “It sure helps when Eric is shooting the way he did tonight.  It felt like he had forty!”

Actually, Eric had thirty-seven, including twenty in the first half.  “Everyone gets open looks when they double-team,” said Eric afterwards.  “We moved the ball great and I was fortunate to be the open guy all night long.”

The game was certainly enjoyable to watch with all the fast back-and-forths but not everyone on the GC side was happy about the style of play.  “I like the final score but I don’t ever want to play a game like that in my life,” said Coach Murphy. Why?  “You just never feel comfortable because they score so many points and they score them so fast.  I didn’t clear my bench until there were two minutes left and we had a twenty-point lead!”

Garrisson Duvivier had his 13th Double D of the season

This was anyone’s game, considering how fast points were being scored, 7 ½ minutes into the second half.  The Scots were in front, 84-79, but it was far from a comfortable lead.

Five + minutes later, things were a whole lot different. During that time, UNE missed all eleven shots from the floor, while the Scots went off with twenty-four points.

The beauty of those breakaway twenty-four points was that seven different players (Eric Demers, Jaren Yang, Josh Crutchfield, Avelino Damoura, Matt Valles, Josh Ribeiro, and Jake Haar) contributed.

That sparkling display of scoring separated GC from the team from Biddeford, 108-81, with seven minutes to go.  Still time enough for UNE’s instant offense and turnover-causing pressure to usher them back into the game but on this evening the Scots turned the UNE pressure into open looks (and points) the rest of the way and took the victory.

Parker Omslaer was one of several GC freshmen achieving a career stat in this game

I have a hunch that several Gordon single-game records were broken in tonight’s win: most points (126), most assists (30), most blocks (11), and most made 3-point shots (18).

Quietly, among all the long-range shooting, Garrisson Duvivier had yet another double/double.  The talented junior put 18 points together with 15 rebounds.  Garrisson now has seven straight games with Double D’s and thirteen for the season.

After a look at the scoresheet I found additional good news: the GC freshman had a remarkable night.

Career highs for the Class of 2020: Matt Valles 9 rebounds, Parker Omslaer 10 points, Josh Crutchfield 8 assists, and Avelino Damoura 9 points.

Who’s Avelino Damoura?  “He transferred from WPI,” explained Coach Murphy, “and they don’t recruit slouches.  He’s going to be a good one for us.”

Eric Demers added, “He (Avelino) is going to help us a lot in the future.”

Missing from the game was Noah Szilagyi.  Noah has been hospitalized with pneumonia.  “I was a little nervous going into the game without Noah because he spreads the floor for us,” said Eric of his teammate.

Senior Jake Hart (15) defends

I mentioned after the last game (Curry) how important the following four home games were.  Three of the teams had beaten GC the first time around.  UNE was one of those.

Next opponent will be Nichols on Saturday (3PM).  The top-seeded Bison shot over 50% against Gordon last time and collected 100 points and won convincingly in Dudley.

Nichols is 9-2 in the CCC.  The Scots are 8-3.  A battle for the top spot will play out on Saturday afternoon.

I saw, via the excellent UNE web broadcast, the Nor’Easters defeat Endicott and Nichols in Biddeford this past week.

UNE (9-9) is now 2-6 on the road.

I asked UNE coach Silva about transforming his team into the new style of play.  “I looked at the players we were returning, as well as the recruits, and knew that we didn’t have the size to match up with other teams.  The running/pressing style was the best fit to get the most out of the players we would have.  The returning players were shocked by the change at first but they’ve made it work.”

Wentworth is tied for second in the CCC.  Tonight Curry almost got them in overtime.

Efficiency chart

Eric Demers 31

Garrisson Duvivier 28

Josh Crutchfield 17 (8 assists)

Parker Omslaer 16

Jaren Yang 15 (8 assists)

Gordon 169

UNE 109

Box from the game

(All pictures will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Josh Ribeiro reaches in

UNE coach Ed Silva questions a call

Drew Munoz (from Gloucester MA) gets two

Josh Crutchfield (10) goes one-on-one against Jacob Hickey

Steve Vampatella (33) looks for a rebound with Sean Walsh (20)

Newcomer Avelino Damoura lifts a three

Matt Lorman heads past Jaren Yang

Jaren Yang tries to slow down Daron Hoges

Eric Demers (21) sets up for a resounding block of Matt Lorman’s layup attempt

Senior Gavin Dibble takes an inbounds pass





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UNE changes approach and wins 121-113 shootout vs Gordon

(Biddeford ME) What a game!

The front-runner for Coach-of-the-Year in the Commonwealth Coast Conference has got to be Ed Silva of the University of New England.

A team content to nurse every possession down to the last few seconds in years past transformed itself into a run-and-gun club in the nine-month offseason.

Gordon ran into the new-and-improved Nor’easters tonight, and despite a second-half rally, lost 121-113 on Wednesday in the CCC opener for both teams.

I had seen the stats from UNE’s first five games and had seen a team that was putting up 3’s and forcing mistakes on the opposition.  Gordon (1-2) fell victim to both categories in the first half.  While UNE made nine 3’s in the first half the Scots committed an unremarkable EIGHTEEN turnovers in that same half.  Wicked bad combo!

Trailing 60-44 at the half, and the way UNE was playing, I had a sense that a serious blowout was about to happen.  That sense was nonsense as GC began to look for answers off the bench and found some.  The Nor’easters weren’t giving any ground but at least GC was better taking care of the ball.

Down twenty-four points (97-71) with seven minutes left the Scots put together the best combo of scoring and defense I may have ever seen for the next six minutes.  UNE’s quick shot approach turned sour as they cooled off and Gordon made appropriate passes and a steady flow of shots and got the lead down to five, 114-109, in the last minute.  That’s thirty-eight points in six minutes!

But it was too little too late.  UNE, and I credit Coach Ed Silva for this, changed the tempo to a more controlled approach.  He used his timeouts to rest his players and organize them.  It interested me that previously he called timeouts just to substitute players and then cut the timeouts short.  It was a whole new approach.

Anyhow, in the closing minutes the Nor’easters took advantage of GC’s need to overplay the UNE perimeter shooters and drove against single defenders.  That approach drew fouls and on this evening those foul shots dropped and the home team had a CCC win.

Gavin Dibble put up the big numbers for UNE with twenty-five points.  Just to get an idea of the style of play, UNE had FIFTEEN different players score in the first half!  They were coming in in waves with the green light shining for anyone with an opening.

One casualty in this game was the Efficiency Chart.  I usually put the top five in the game and normally there are at least two from each team unless the game was one-sided.

Gavin Dibble 32

Garrisson Duvivier 31 (19 pts, 16 reb, 4 assts)

Eric Demers 28 (29 pts, 8 reb)

Josh Ribeiro 16 (4 assts,3 blk, 2 stls) Birthday today

Jaren Yang 13 (6 assts, 8-for-8 FTs)

That’s the top five and you would want to think that Gordon dominated the game.  But UNE countered the GC top four with fifteen contributors.   Gordon finished with a remarkable 133 on the Efficiency chart while UNE earned only a 94.  Maybe that Efficiency stat isn’t as great as I think it is?

It certainly didn’t hurt the home team that they got hot in the first half and turned a 12-8 deficit into a comfortable 43-23 spread in eleven minutes.  That 31-15 segment (included six successful UNE 3’s) may have been the worst GC basketball I have seen in a while.

But it was that kind of game with plenty of good and also plenty of not so good.

One of the struggles GC had in the first half was finishing breaks.  When the Scots broke through the UNE’s backcourt pressure there were some glittering opportunities for layups.  Not all of them were made.

UNE (2-4) was picked by the coaches to finish 8th (out of ten teams) in the CCC.  I wonder where those same coaches would place UNE now?

Teams that rely on a few players playing long minutes to give them most of their points will be in trouble against the UNE style.  The team from Biddeford (ME) prevents teams from controlling the tempo and if their long shots are dropping, good luck.

You couldn’t help but be distracted by the three UNE students under the basket GC was shooting at.  Why they hadn’t painted UNE on the front of them was obviously an oversight.  My theory, based on the website visuals, was that this was the before part of the before-and-after weight-loss program they were starting.  Coming to the basketball court instead of the food court would be the key piece in the transition they would be undertaking.  Their calisthenics showed not only promise but plenty of loose baggage.  Changing their physiques from trunk to carry-on will take time but I, for one, admire their intensity.

Gordon gets Nichols next.  That may not be pretty.  Nichols blasted Endicott tonight.  The Scots will have to find ways to match up with some very good one-on-one players in Dudley (MA) on Saturday to win this one.

Box Score


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Gordon holds off UNE 80-72

Despite multi-coverage Garrisson Duvivier had a huge night for Gordon.

Despite multi-coverage, Garrisson Duvivier had a huge night for Gordon.

Jaren Yang (six-for-six in last minute)

Jaren Yang (six-for-six in last minute)

(Wenham MA) Last regular-season home game and it ended the way we hoped with a Gordon win.

The Scots (14-10) held off a late rush by the UNE Nor’Easters (7-17) to earn an 80-72 victory on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center.

Garrisson Duvivier had his best game of the season for GC.  The 6-6 sophomore had his 9th double/double (22 points,11 rebounds) but also added 6 assists, 4 blocks, and 2 steals.

The visitors from Biddeford (ME) had a nice start but later in the half dropped behind by seventeen points (39-22).  I thought then the game might get too far away from UNE for them to provide much of a challenge later.  I was wrong.

The Nor’Easters closed the half with a 10-1 run.  They would not be going away.

The longer the game went the closer the score seemed to get.  UNE was within six (52-46), then four (57-53), then three (66-63), and then two (72-70) with 2:29 remaining.  Note the alarming pattern!

However, on the next possession things turned for Gordon.  A missed shot led to an offensive rebound which became a layup for Garrisson.

Could UNE cut into the 4-point lead?  They had two shots at it and missed both tries.  UNE was forced to foul after each missed attempt to stop the clock and see if Gordon could make pressure free throws. Unfortunately for UNE, the Scots kept the ball in the hands of Jaren Yang the Commonwealth Coast Conference’s best foul shooter.  He calmly went six-for-six in the final minute and those points offset a Jean-Luc Parker layup and Gordon had its 14th win.

UNE played some zone defense as well as man-to-man.  It looked as if the Scots were a bit slow in figuring out how to attach the defense they faced.  In the first half, they were much better at it.

Sam Traicoff hit for a career-high eight points

Sam Traicoff hit for a career-high eight points

Sam Traicoff came off the bench to give Gordon eight points (career high for the freshman).

Sam Johnson had his 14th double/double (12 points, 10 rebounds) of the season.

The Scots will be finishing the regular season on Saturday in Newport (RI) versus Salve Regina.

If things go as they appear, Gordon will be back at the Bennett Center next Tuesday hosting Wentworth.


Garrisson Duvivier 39 (22 pts, 11 rebs)

Jean-Luc Parker 19 (19 points)

Jaren Yang 14 (14 points)

Gavin Dibble 14 (16 points)

Sam Johnson 13 (12 pts,10 rebs)

Gordon 100

UNE 69

Box from the game

(Pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Drew Coveney heads for the hoop

Drew Coveney heads for the hoop

Six-foot Jean-Luc Parkers elevates for two

Six-foot Jean-Luc Parkers elevates for two


Garrisson Duvivier found open looks against the UNE zone defense

Garrisson Duvivier found open looks against the UNE zone defense

UNE pressure in the backcourt

UNE pressure in the backcourt

Struggle for a rebound

Struggle for a rebound

Garrisson Duvivier had four steals

Garrisson Duvivier had four blocks

Sam Johnson and CJ Autry

Sam Johnson and CJ Autry

Josh Ribeiro splits Jackson McCoy and Gavin Dibble

Josh Ribeiro splits Jackson McCoy and Gavin Dibble

Sam Johnson gets an easy two

Sam Johnson gets an easy two

Jake Hart (10 points) defended by Jean-Luc Parker

Jake Hart (10 points) defended by Jean-Luc Parker

Garrisson Duvivier gets a rebound

Garrisson Duvivier gets a rebound

Graham Tienhaara spins in the lane

Graham Tienhaara spins in the lane

Jake Haar

Jake Haar



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Strong finish earns Gordon 74-62 win over UNE

Garrisson Duvivier had sixteen points and a career-high eight assists

Garrisson Duvivier had sixteen points and a career-high eight assists

(Amesbury MA) The Scots squandered a big first-half league but came on strong in the final seven minutes of the game to defeat The University of New England, 74-62, on Wednesday night in Biddeford (ME).

Long-range shooting was important for both teams.

Jake Haar (13 pts in the first half) helped Gordon (8-6) to a lead as big as sixteen (36-20) in the first half.

In the second half, it was CJ Autry’s turn to light up from long-distance.  CJ’s five triples were part of UNE rally that had the Nor’Easters ahead, 45-44, with 12 minutes left.

This was now anyone’s game.  Could somebody cool off CJ Autry?  Could Gordon find some consistent offense?

The answers turned out to be “Yes,” and “Yes.”

Jake Hart played some important defense for Gordon

Jake Hart played some important defense for Gordon

Sam Johnson made eight free throws against UNE

Sam Johnson made eight free throws against UNE

Junior Jake Hart applied the glue to CJ and the clean looks vanished.  The UNE shooting (bottom in the CCC in field-goal percentage) went south and it was costly for the home team.

At 7:12 GC had a 54-53 lead.  3 ½ minutes later the lead was 63-53.  UNE never recovered.

Where did the late-game offense come from for GC?  Close to the basket and the foul line.  For a while it was Garrisson Duvivier (14 second-half points) and then it was Sam Johnson (11 second-half points including 7-of-8 from the free throw line).

What interested me in the late-game breakaway was that Garrisson and Sam were not in the game together.  The strategy worked because with four shooters in the game with Garrisson or Sam, UNE’s help defense was limited.  Give Garrisson or Sam one-on-one coverage without additional defenders nearby and points and/or free throws will soon follow.  That was the way it was as GC pulled away to a double-digit lead in the closing minutes.

Jake Haar (16 points) lit up the UNE zone in the first half

Jake Haar (16 points) lit up the UNE zone in the first half

The Nor’Easters (4-10) started the game in a zone and I could only think of two words: “Jake Haar.”  Sure enough; bang, bang, and bang and Jake and the Scots were off to a fast start.  That zone was discarded before the half was over.

As UNE struggled to score in the first half, GC coach Tod Murphy used his bench.  Ten different Gordon players registered points in the first half.

Sophomore Garrisson Duvivier reached a career-high in assists with eight.  His behind-the-back pass to uncovered Jake Hart near the basket in the second half got Jake an easy layup.

Sam Johnson registered his 11th double/double of the season.  He had to deal with 6’10” defenders in this one.


Garrisson Duvivier 25

CJ Autry 21 (15 points,6 rebounds)

Sam Johnson 20

Jake Haar 15 (16 points)

Gordon 94

UNE 61

Good feed from UNE.  The sound came on later and it turned out to be Mike Antonellis who also broadcasts the Portland Sea Dogs games.

Nichols took its first CCC defeat as Eastern Nazarene got them by two points at Dudley.

Next for Gordon is Roger Williams at the Bennett Center on Saturday (3PM).  The Hawks have won eight straight.

Box from this game.




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Gordon men’s soccer overwhelms UNE 5-0 in Homecoming matchup

Erik Holmqvist (12) tries to stop Caleb Cole.

Erik Holmqvist (12) tries to stop Caleb Cole.

Action in front of the UNE net

Action in front of the UNE net

(Wenham MA) The game-long moisture did not slow down the Scots (7-1-1) one drop.

Gordon controlled the ball and applied pressure on the University of New England most of this damp afternoon in Saturday’s Homecoming encounter.

UNE (1-6-4) has now lost four straight and are winless since a September 4th victory over St. Joseph’s (ME).

The Nor’easters tallied two goals in the win over St.Joseph’s.  In the other ten games, the team from Biddeford, has just three scores.

With scoring a problem, UNE needed to keep Gordon off the scoreboard.  Didn’t happen as the Scots passed and passed for good chances and put up two goals in the first half.

Senior Caleb Cole had both of them.  On the first goal he finished a Danny Nkhalamba feed with a header.  Later in the first half CC was able to put a serious charge into a left-footed shot. UNE Goalie Elijah Leverett had no chance on either goal.gcune-a1-cc-heads-toward-goalgcune-a2-cc-sees-header-go-into-net-for-2nd-goal

There was no holding back for Gordon.  Despite the sometimes slippery conditions, completed passes and scoring chances added up.  GC would get three more goals before the afternoon was over.

Josh Cochran drew a penalty kick and Tyler Modzeleski turned it into Gordon’s third goal.

Less than three minutes later, Danny Nklalamba got an open look from the left that led to his second goal of the season.  Josh Beveridge had the assist.gcune-a10-danny-1gcune-a11-danny-2gcune-a12-danny-3gcune-a13-danny-4gcune-a14-danny-5gcune-a15-danny-6

Later, freshman Matt Chartier got his 6th goal off a wonderful setup by Danny.

Obviously, Danny Nklalamba was huge on the scoresheet with a goal and two assists.

Plenty of substitutions in the second half for both teams.

UNE clears with a header

UNE clears with a header

Gordon GK Josh Spoonhour was called on to make a couple of tough saves but on this afternoon most of the action was in the UNE side of the field.

One of the things I really liked about this game was that the whistles and the whining were at a minimum.  The last GC game I saw, other than on the Gordon feed, was the Roger Williams OT tie game.  The whining on both sides was endless.  Today’s contest was a different game entirely with much more of a flow to it.

UNE was picked to finish 9th by the Commonwealth Coast Conference coaches.   They returned only five starters.

Gordon was picked to win the CCC.  They have a roster with talented players in every class.  There are some very good teams in the CCC so nothing is certain for the rest of the season but the Scots have a great chance to get a second straight title.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Soccer ball on the roof of a Gordon dorm

Soccer ball on the roof of a Gordon dorm

Caleb Cole puts a hard shot on net

Caleb Cole puts a hard shot on net

Callum Heaslewood (8) and Colin Surface (2)

Callum Heaslewood (8) and Colin Surface (2)

Danny Nkhalamba settles a high pass

Danny Nkhalamba settles a high pass

Ricardo Infantozzi in UNE traffic

Ricardo Infantozzi in UNE traffic

Matt Chartier breaks free for his 6th goal

Matt Chartier breaks free for his 6th goal

Tyler Modzeleski about to tally a penalty kick

Tyler Modzeleski about to tally a penalty kick



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