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Gordon Honors Seniors and Defeats Western New England

The Pit cheers for seniors Austin Bentson and Greg Walker.

Greg Walker reached 1000 career points this season and was presented a commemorative basketball by Coach Tod Murphy.

(Wenham) The Scots took care of business today. 

They honored seniors Greg Walker and Austin Bentson before the game and then defeated Western New England, 78-59, to continue their run to move up to 8th place and qualify for the Commonwealth Coast Conference tournament.

The Saturday afternoon victory at the Bennett Center didn’t move Gordon into the top eight but with two more CCC games left they are now tied with several teams in the top eight.  I have confidence that if Gordon keeps taking care of business (UNE on Wednesday and Salve Regina on Saturday) they will still be playing on George Washington’s birthday.

Before the game, Greg Walker received a specially engraved basketball for reaching 1000 total points for the Scots.  That total was quite a feat considering that he had only 15 points as a freshman.

The Walkers (Suzanne, Greg, Kevin) with Coach Murphy.

Tod Murphy with the Bentsons (Wendy, Austin, and Bob).

Greg and Austin and their proud parents were introduced to the appreciative crowd in a pre-game ceremony.

Western New England (4-19) did not go easily.  Two of their wins were against Wentworth and New England College – teams that defeated Gordon. 

It took a nine-point run in the first half to separate from them and 12-2 segment late in the second half to finish them off.

Two of David Dempsey's seventeen points.

The Scots (10-13) shot well all game (53.8%).  The Golden Bears’ defense committed just eleven fouls so they weren’t exactly dug in on defense.  The Scots had plenty of good looks from the outside and also were able to get the ball inside to Greg (14 points) and David Dempsey (17 points).

WNEC hung around thanks to another afternoon of poor ball management.  WNEC chased the Scots full-court almost the entire game and created twenty-four turnovers.  To get some perspective, you need to know that Gordon had the ball for seventy-two possessions.  That means that for every three times the Scots had the ball they gave it away, without a shot, one time.  Dribbling in an area with more than one defender has not worked well for Gordon all season.

The Gordon defense didn’t get as many turnovers but they did contest shots and forced WNEC into a low shooting percentage (36.2%).  Two shooting droughts, I referenced earlier, doomed the visitors from Springfield.

The first drought covered three minutes and a 24-20 Gordon lead enlarged to 33-20 with 2 ½ minutes left in the first half.  Park Thomas hit a couple of jumpers, Austin nailed a three, and Greg converted a rebound.  Greg had 14 rebounds in the game which was the 4th time this season he’s reached double figures.

The finish-them-off segment started after Damon Alston hit his 4th trey closing WNEC to, 57-49, with 6 ½ to go in the game.  The worrier in me started recalling how tight the last two wins had been and I began to wonder if this would be another one.

Not to worry.  A little over three minutes later Gordon was in complete charge, 69-51.  Why? Garrett Harden (15 points) hit a couple of 3’s while Greg and David each added a layup and free throw. 

Damon Alston (12), Brad Thomka (11), and Chris Devine (10) reached double figures for the Golden Bears.

Luke Hamilton and Garrett were a combined 7-for-9 from long range.  Wouldn’t a dangerous outside attack lessen the defensive pressure Greg normally has to deal with around the basket.

I saw a couple of blocked shots.  JT Himmelstein got one on a driving Chris Devine and I later saw Jordan Kelly do the same to Brad Thomka.

There was a nice gathering afterwards for parents and players honoring the seniors.  Assistant coach Keith Krass gave Austin and Greg highly-treasured Gordon blankets.

Gordon is at the University of New England on Wednesday night at 8PM.  

Other pictures I took.  If you click on the picture it gets larger.

Defense collapsed on Greg

"I haven't fouled anyone in four years"

Wendy Bentson & Suzanne Walker


Mike Schnackenberg jokes with Brady Bajema


JT chases a turnover.

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Seniors Graduate on May 15th

Aaron, Mike, Tim, Ben, Brady, Justin, and Ben do some post-graduation posing.

(Wenham)  I was there and I can confirm it – they graduated! 

Aaron Trigg waits to march to graduation.

I was at Gordon on sunny/breezy Saturday morning (May 15th) and watched Jeff Derr, Aaron Trigg, Brady Bajema, Tim MacDonnell, and Ben Gaskill end their four years among us.

Last time I saw the five of them together was in March in Middlebury (VT) when the home team took out our Scots in the NCAA D3 tourney.  Who knew that Middlebury’s Andrew Locke would block thirteen shots and send Gordon to a first-round exit?

It was good to see all the players’ families together for one last time.  You always imagine that there are games ahead that they will attend but it seldom, if ever, works out. 

There was talk of everyone getting back together when the CCC tournament banner is put on display in the Bennett Center during the 2010-11 season.  That would be special.

I was very impressed with commencement speaker Jim Cymbala.  It wasn’t just the brevity of his remarks but the topic – the importance of prayer.  There was something there for all of us!

Coach Tod Murphy waves to seniors.

One comment that previous Gordon coach Mike Schauer used to make to me when I mentioned a talented player on an opposing team: “The important thing,” he would say, “was to make sure he graduates.”  And here is Tod Murphy at graduation, probably hoping that Aaron, Brady, Tim, Jeff, and Ben weren’t graduating!

Anyone on board knows that there are big changes ahead.  For starters, look at the team picture on Championship Saturday and delete the front row.  However, one of the trademarks of your Scots over the past eight seasons has been to graduate players yet still be able to qualify for the CCC tournament (top eight) every season.  Let’s be optimistic here! 

The other significant change, other than the roster, is the future of the CCC.  My understanding is that in two seasons Gordon and eight other schools (UNE, Endicott, Salve Regina, Roger Williams, Nichols, Curry, Western New England, and Wentworth) will form a new conference.  That will leave Regis, New England, Colby-Sawyer, Anna Maria, and ENC out in the cold for reasons I choose not to guess at.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

Anyhow, God bless Aaron, Brady, Tim, Jeff, and Ben.  And God bless your families as well.

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Gordon Seniors Lead Scots Past Endicott for 11th Straight

Aaron Trigg (26 points) puts some free throw icing on Gordon's victory cake as the Endicott cheering section looks on.

(Beverly) Gordon 64 Endicott 55

That’s three straight at Endicott and this time it didn’t take a long-range prayer to do the trick, as it had required in the previous two matchups at Beverly.

What is took, was a collection of Gordon senior moments over the last 2:41 that turned into a tie-breaking, game-winning 12-3 run.

Gordon (15-3/7-0) has now won eleven straight.  Next is Regis at home on Wednesday night (8PM).  The Pride (8-11/4-3) has lost three straight but have a win in January over Colby-Sawyer.  Not to be taken lightly!

The crowd was incredible on both sides (estimated at over 1200) and loud music wasn’t required to simulate noise, which is the way it should be.

The win by Gordon avenged a 71-68 loss at the Bennett Center in early December.  In that one, the Scots trailed early, rallied all the way back from a 17-point deficit to tie, and then couldn’t finish the job in the last 1:10.

This time around the Scots once again trailed early (27-13) after six minutes, battled all the way back taking their first lead (43-42) after nine minutes of the second half on two David Dempsey free throws.  The teams traded baskets until Bobby Montrond notched two free throws to tie things with 2:41 to go. 

Aaron Trigg - nine points in crunch time

After that……… was one Gordon wonderful senior moment after another carrying the Scots to the win.  Aaron Trigg (26 points) collected nine straight points from every location – three free throws, two layups, and a three.  Ben Gaskill (7 points/11 rebounds) had a steal and a block.  Jeff Derr (9 points/12 rebounds) had an assist and a rebound.  Brady Bajema (9 points/3 assists) had an assist and two free throws. 

No wonder the Gordon crowd was chanting, “It’s all over,” as the game-clock wound down with the Scot lead getting larger and larger after each possession.

Endicott (8-10/3-4) seemed convinced that they could win this game from long range despite the accumulating stats indicating otherwise.  The Gulls were 3-for-16 from downtown in the first half and added 2-for-10 onto that in the second half.  In fact, in the second half they went eighteen minutes between made 3’s.  You can live by the three’s and, well you know the rest – Lance Greene (1-7), Aaron Karkow (1-6) and Kevin McGuire (0-3).

Justin Martin (10 points) kept Endicott close late in the game.

I came away impressed with the play of Justin Martin (6-8 junior).  He led the Gulls with ten points and had eight of them in the second half in a row when the outcome was in the balance and his teammates put away the 3-ball.  Probably more impressive was the job he did on Greg Walker (13.2 ppg).  He muscled Greg away from his comfort spots in close to the basket and held him to just three points.

But Gordon had other players pick up the scoring slack.  David Dempsey had all of his ten points in the second half.  Add Endicott to the list of teams trying to cover him with a smaller player and paying the price.

Jeff matched a career high in rebounds (12).  Last time?  A blowout win versus Wheelock when he was a sophomore. 

I was not surprised when Timmy MacDonnell got the “Goggles” chant from the Endicott side.  At Colby-Sawyer, someone yelled, “Hey 33, the pool is down the hall.” 

During this game, however, Ben got the, “Shave your moustache,” chant which not everyone would disagree with. 

Coach Tod Murphy signs during warmups.

During warm-ups, I had a file for the never-seen-that-before drawer, as Coach Tod Murphy signed autographs for Endicott students in front of the team bench.

A conspiracy theorist from Kansas noted that Endicott opted to use the bench that Gordon normally uses.  Why?  So, according to the theorist, any last-minute 3’s that Gordon attempted (they won the last two years on such shots) would be taken from in front of the Gull cheering section. 

However, by switching benches the Gull team ended up in front of the vociferous Gordon cheering section that really turned up the volume during timeouts.  Maybe next time Endicott will relocate their cheering section.

Another significant second half plus was rebounding.  Close in the first half (21-19) but the Scots turned dominating (26-14) in the second half.  It sure helps when both Ben and Jeff reach double figures.

Another noticeable stat was free throws.  Gordon usually shoots from the outside unless Greg is open inside. In this game, though, a tight exterior Endicott defense forced Gordon players to create their own openings – there were only nine assists.  The result was foul after foul by the Gulls and Gordon getting into the bonus early. The Scots took full advantage connecting on 27 of 32.  

Brady Bajema - 994 career points.....and counting

The Brady 1000-point watch is now at 994.  Another reason to show up at the Bennett Center on Wednesday night for the Regis game.

Box Score

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Gordon Scrimmages Emerson

fastbreak with Tim, Aaron, Jeff 11-3-09

A rare breakout led by TMac, Aaron, and Jeff against Emerson

I got my first look at this year’s team on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center in a scrimmage against Emerson. 

The visitors gave the 2009-10 Scots an end-to-end taste of  irritating man-to-man defense.  Open shots were few and that very active Emerson defense prevented Gordon from cashing in on height advantages at every position very often.  But the Scots did put up 83 points as did Emerson.

Without stats and charting, my mission was to make sure everyone was back and also to check out the new players as well as the coach.

Aaron Trigg’s hair may have been different but his arsenal of shots looked the same. 

Ben Gaskill seemed to spend most of the night frustrated with himself.  He did miss a bunch of shots.  However, he looks bigger and was very aggressive around the basket.  Can he stay out of foul trouble?  He’s gone to the facial hair look.

Tim and Brady 11-3-09

TMac and Brady

I’ve seen Brady shoot better.  TMac’s intangibles seldom make a boxscore but the first charge taken was his.

The new guy?  Lefty Dave Dempsey is a player.  His quickness is noticeable and he can create his own offense. 

I also liked what I saw of freshman Scott Nelson of New Jersey.  He handled the ball well against as tough a man-to-man defense as the team will face.  He was the best natural point guard I saw.

Getting used to the new coach (Tod Murphy) will take a while.  First of all, Tod is at least a foot taller than Mike Schauer.  Also, Tod’s emotions were tightly in check during this scrimmage while those around during the last seven seasons could recall an occasional Mike Schauer sideline eruption. 

New to the 2009-10 staff is Ryan Smith.  He was quite the shooter back in the day.

Jordan Logan was not in uniform. Yes, this is Jerry’s brother.  Jordan told me that he was surprised that his parents weren’t on hand (for the scrimmage) since it was his 21st birthday.  He was joking but said that his parents (from Marietta GA) would be around for the season opener on November 18th.

That season opener (Husson) will be followed by the annual TipOff Tournament on the 20th and 21st.  I am looking forward to that stretch of home games. 

scrimmage crowd 11-3-09

Plenty of good seats were available at the scrimmage

This is what the scrimmage crowd looked like.

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Meeting New Coach Tod Murphy

Tod Murphy - Gordon men's basketball coach

Tod Murphy - Gordon men's basketball coach

I got my opportunity to talk to the new coach (Tod Murphy) on August 25th in his Gordon College office.  I already knew a little about him because of several internet stories.

In the interview, he told me that he knew nothing about Gordon before he heard about the head-coach opening.  “I wanted to move into a head coaching position and I wanted to do it in a Christian school,” he said. 

Tod had been an assistant at Cal Irvine but wanted to move away from Division One.  “I became disenchanted with the players’ motivations,” he told me.  “I was sure that at the Division Three level the players play because they love basketball not for any sort of scholarship.”

He had been a finalist for several other head coaching jobs in the last four years in California.  As a finalist in the Gordon job, he admitted that he didn’t know what to expect when he was brought in for an interview.  “I felt good about the phone interview, but I wasn’t sure if they offered me the job I would take it,” he said.  “But after coming here and visiting I realized that it was a no-brainer.  I fell in love with the school and the area.”

He said that he is now just as close to the ocean as he was in California.   He did realize, however, that the water temperatures would not be similar!

I learned that he had been a wingman in high school but suddenly grew 4-5 inches his sophomore year and that put him in close to the basket.  He graduated with the Cal Irvine scoring record and said that his development of turn-around, fall-away jump shot was the key to his scoring – “No one could block it.” 

Things were different at the pro level.  “I became more of a role player and a defensive player,” he said.  “I sat on the weakside and if things broke down on the other side, the ball would swing my way for 18-footers.  I also scored on a lot of offensive rebounds.”

He told me that any success he had in the NBA was due to his willingness to, “work his tail off,” and the fact that he has “a good basketball mind.”  “Larry Bird wasn’t a great athlete but mentally he was two steps ahead of everyone else,” he said.  “I wasn’t two steps ahead, like Larry, but I was a half step, and it made a difference.”

He believes that his basketball knowledge and work ethic will help the Gordon program.

Tod was well aware that Mike Schauer had developed a great program and that “the cupboard was certainly not bare.”  He said that he does not intend to change what’s here into “Tod Murphy’s program.”  “I want to continue what Mike Schauer has set up,” he added.

He did say, though, that the offense might be a little different.  “There will be continuity but I want to do more in creating shots for players like Aaron, Brady, Ben, and Greg,” he said.  He expected to use the man-to-man defense we’ve seen for Mike Schauer’s seven seasons.

He confirmed the good news that freshman David Dempsey ( 6’5” – Wallingford CT) is on campus.  One internet report has him as an excellent perimeter player.  An individual closer to the team says that David is the most athletic player this team has ever had.  

Tod looks to shorten the minutes of key players.  “The first 16 games are important and we’ll be ready for them,” he said, “but it’s 17-25 where we want to be peaking for the postseason.”  The frustrating thing for the Gordon faithful has been the team’s inability to win a semifinal game in the tournament.  Maybe fewer minutes will help to change that.

Tod realizes that recruiting will be a challenge.  He also realizes that with five seniors this team will need some replacements next season.  “I did a lot of recruiting at Cal Irvine but that was for Division One players,” he told me.

He said that he grew up a big fan of Jerry West’s.  Nowadays he said that his favorite player is Dwight Howard.  “He’s a tremendous player who works hard and hasn’t lost sight of his Christian faith,” he said.  He admires Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen for the same reasons.  Another player he admired was Kurt Rambis.  “Kurt was similar to me,” he recalled.  “He was a big scorer at Santa Clara but turned into a role player for the Lakers.  He did everything to help that team win games and that’s the kind of player I want to bring here to Gordon.”

Timmy MacDonnell - "He's the type of player I love " -  Coach Murphy

Timmy MacDonnell - "He's the type of player I love " - Coach Murphy

Tod has seen some of the game films and not surprisingly, Timmy MacDonnell has caught his eye.  “He is one hard-nosed player,” said Tod.  “He told me that he had already taken one or two charges per game in summer league.”

Similar to thousands of coaches, Tod said he admired the coaching style of John Wooden of UCLA.  “He stressed preparation,” said Tod of Wooden, “and that’s what I’ll do.  This team has talent.  The important thing will be preparation.” 

At the time of the interview Tod was set up in a rented house nearby but without his wife (Kelly), and daughters Annie (6), Lacey (3 ½) and Kylie (22 months).  “I miss them,” he said.  “They’ll be here from California shortly.  It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart.”

So Mike Schauer and his three sons have left as Tod Murphy and his three daughters are arriving. 

In addition, to be noted is that Tod Murphy is a legitimate 6’9” and looks lean enough to be able to show as well as tell his players something. 

Mike Schauer was a serious 3-point scorer at Wheaton.  Tod was a serious in-close scorer at Cal Irvine.  I’ll be curious to see what Gordon’s developing inside game becomes in 2009-10 as Ben, Jeff, Jon, and Greg are coached by someone who knows the inside game personally. 

I will own up to the fact that I’m excited about the New England Patriots as their season is about to start.  I’m now also ready to get just as excited about this year’s Gordon College Fighting Scots team after having met the coach.  Bring on the season!

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New coach has NBA connection – Gordon College picks former T-Wolves player Murphy to lead program

(This story was in the Salem (MA) Evening News on July 23, 2009)

By Mike Grenier – staff writer

 Tod Murphy wouldn’t strike anyone as a name-dropper, but he did try to get in touch with Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau before he was chosen to take over the men’s basketball program at Gordon College.

It wasn’t like Murphy was grasping at straws. He and Thibodeau go back 20 years, to the days when Murphy was a rookie with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Thibodeau was a hungry young assistant out of Salem State College.

“I was just calling to find out about the North Shore area and Gordon College,” said the 45-year-old Murphy, “and I thought, who’d be better to talk to than a Boston Celtics assistant coach? I’m sure Tom remembers me as an overachiever (in the NBA).”

Murphy never did connect with Thibodeau, who’s been traveling around the country this summer interviewing for an NBA head coaching job, but things still worked out as Murphy hoped they would.

A six-year assistant with the Division 1 Cal-Irvine Anteaters, Murphy is relocating his family from the West Coast in order to coach at Gordon, which went 20-7 last season under Mike Schauer.

“I’m well aware of what Mike did up there,” said Murphy. “He did a tremendous job in his seven years; I hope I don’t screw up what he’s already done. Mike has set me up to have a great year. We’re losing only one player and I feel good about the group we’re going to have. It’ll be a big year for the seniors.”

The logical question, of course, is why would Murphy, with his NBA background and Division 1 college coaching experience, abandon the life he had in California to coach a small Division 3 school in Wenham?

“Well, I just feel like I’m ready to be a head coach,” said Murphy, “and I wanted it to be in a Christian environment.

Over the last few years, I really wasn’t sure that Division 1 was the level I wanted to be. I felt I might be better suited to coach at the lower level.

“The players at Gordon are not going to be pros, but they love to play basketball. That’s the sort of kid I want to coach. Some of these players will probably improve more than the kids in Division 1. And if you’re that good (in Division 3), they’re going to find you anyway.”

Maximizing talent

At 6-foot-9, Murphy will be an imposing figure as he paces the Gordon sideline. He had a tremendous playing career at Cal-Irvine, where he ranks No. 2 in school history with 1,778 points and 837 rebounds. The Associated Press named him an Honorable Mention All-American, and he was inducted into the Cal-Irvine Hall of Fame in 2000.

Murphy knows exactly what he’s getting into at Gordon. The days of dealing with gifted Division 1 athletes are gone, but Murphy doesn’t see that as a negative. He sounds eager to roll up his sleeves and work with the talent that’s available.

“It’s not going to change for me,” said Murphy, alluding to his comment about being an overachiever. “I’m going to beat the bushes to look for kids who can play at Gordon. After that, it’s about maximizing their talent.

“It wasn’t a tough sell (to make the move from California),” added Murphy. “My kids (three daughters) are young. My wife (Kelly) knows how important it is to me to be a head coach. I was in a secular environment before, and I couldn’t share my faith without wondering whether I was offending somebody. I won’t have to worry about that at Gordon. It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

The Gordon players will be amused when Murphy gets around to telling them war stories from his NBA career. He tends to downplay his ability, but he was a starting forward on the first Minnesota Timberwolves team in 1989 and received the team’s Defensive Player of the Year award while leading the league in fewest turnovers per minute.
Murphy spent five years in the NBA, moving on to the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons after playing in Minnesota. Following his NBA career, he played for teams in Italy, Greece, Spain and Japan.

Link to Air Jordan

One of his favorite memories involved a game against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. This was when Jordan was at his skywalking best.

“Michael started to drive and got by his man, so I came over to provide help-side defense,” recalled Murphy. “I thought I might be able to tip the ball out of his hands or something, but he ends up on the other side of the basket for an unbelievable dunk. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’

“I was asked about the play by the media after the game and my comment was, ‘All I saw was the bottom of his shoes.’ It ended up being a national quote.”

Murphy called the NBA “the best job in the world because you’re doing what you like and you’re making more money than you deserve, plus you meet so many great people along the way.”

Coaching at Gordon is about as far from that type of spotlight as you can possibly get, but it’s going to be a huge part of his life for the foreseeable future.

“I’m just grateful to Gordon,” said Murphy. “They’ve put their faith in me.”

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Tod Murphy Named to Succeed Mike Schauer

Gordon's new men's basketball coach - Tod Murphy

Gordon's new men's basketball coach - Tod Murphy

June 15, 2009 – Gordon announcement

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Tod Murphy as the new men’s basketball coach. For the past six years, Murphy has been the lead assistant coach at the University of California at Irvine, his alma mater.  Prior to that, he spent two years as an assistant at the University of California at Riverside. At Irvine, Murphy was also the recruiting director, offensive coordinator, and principal scout. UCI finished tied for third last year in the Big West Conference.

A 6′ 9″ forward, Murphy had a stellar playing career.  At UCI, he set the career scoring record and was an honorable mention All-American.   Upon graduating from UCI with a degree in economics, Murphy helped lead the Albany Patroons to the Continental Basketball Association title, and was selected the MVP of the playoffs. He then became the starting forward on the first Minnesota Timberwolves club in 1989, winning the team’s defensive player of the year award and leading the NBA in fewest turnovers per minute. Over his five years in the NBA he also completed stints with the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, and Detroit Pistons. Following his NBA days, Tod played for several top international clubs, including teams in Italy, Greece, Spain and Japan.

Known as a fierce competitor with high integrity and a humble spirit, Murphy has been praised by his peers as the consummate team player, willing to adjust his game or his priorities to do what best serves the team.  At UCI, he regularly led worship services for players who wished to participate, and he is known for his personal attention and care for the welfare of his athletes.  He, his wife Kelly, and their three young daughters look forward to being a part of the Gordon community.   Pray for them and for the team as we enter this transition together.

Mark Sargent

Additional information I have found about Tod online

(2004 off the Cal-Irvine website)
As for Murphy, players flash a genuine smile and beam when they hear of his name.
‘He’s huge. He just does a lot of the little things and he’s also good off the court,’ said forward Nic Campbell. ‘He often has some of the guys over at his place to eat dinner so that we can get some team bonding going. He’s just a great guy all-around.’
Murphy, a former NBA player, seems to get nothing but rave reviews since joining Douglass’ staff at the end of last season.
‘He’s a unique coach because he goes on the court and scrimmages against us,’ said center Adam Parada. ‘He’s played professionally so he has the experience and because of that, he has the point of view from the big man.’
UCI’s biggest gain from Murphy’s presence just might be his experience from his well-traveled playing career.
‘We’ve always had really good big-man coaches. But he’s different because he brings a different type of coaching style,’ Parada said. ‘He has the experience of being on the court opposed to some of the other coaches we’ve had, who have just been coaching all their lives. He’s been in the team setting for his whole life so he knows what’s going on.’

(From the UC Irvine website) Tod Murphy, one of the most prolific players in UC Irvine history, is in his sixth season as an Anteater assistant coach in 2008-09.
Murphy graduated from UCI with a B.A. degree in economics in 1986. He was the CIF 4A Player of the Year at Lakewood High School in 1981-82 and then competed at UCI from 1982-86 under Coach Bill Mulligan. Murphy ranks No. 2 in UCI history with 1,778 points and 837 rebounds. He was first team All-PCAA (now Big West) as a junior and senior, and he was named to the All-District 15 team in 1986. Murphy, who earned Associated Press Honorable Mention All-American honors at UCI, was inducted into UCI’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000.
Murphy was selected by the Seattle Supersonics in the third round (53rd overall) of the 1986 NBA draft. After sustaining an injury, he subsequently played for the CBA-champion Albany (N.Y.) Patroons in 1987-88. Murphy played in Villalba, Spain, during the 1988-89 season, then joined the NBA-expansion Minnesota Timberwolves in 1989. He was a member of the Timberwolves’ original starting five against Seattle Nov. 3, 1989. During that season, Murphy scored 24 points in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers and he pulled down 20 rebounds in a contest versus the Los Angeles Clippers.
He was traded to the Houston Rockets for the 1992-93 season, then returned overseas to play in Italy, Spain and Japan until 1998.
Murphy returned to his alma mater as an assistant coach in May 2003 after serving two years as an assistant at UC Riverside.
Murphy and his wife Kelly have three daughters, Annie, Lacey and Kylie. His brother, Tim, is an assistant coach at Big West rival Cal Poly.

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