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Gordon advances in the CCC tourney with 99-85 win over Salve Regina

Jake Haar (20 points) made six of seven 3-point attempts

Garrisson Duvivier gets inside for two

(Wenham MA) No surprise here.

Gordon advanced to the Commonwealth Coast Conference semi-finals after a 99-85 win over Salve Regina on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center.

This was the third victory over the Seahawks this season.  Pattern has been similar each time: Gordon gets a big lead, Salve narrows the lead but doesn’t have enough offense to get things to the dicey level.

“We didn’t finish the way I’d hoped,” said Coach Murphy, “but it was nice to get most of the bench into a playoff game.”

The beauty of this game (to me) was the balanced scoring.  There were six Scots in double figures.  Usually the two first-team All-CCC’ers (Garrisson Duvivier and Eric Demers) get there with an occasional 3rd player joining them.  Tonight, every starter got there, and reserve Noah Szilagyi added ten points.

Jake Haar gets a steal

The one they were talking about afterwards was junior Jake Haar.  You watch enough GC games and you have seen “The Iceman” drain three’s.  Nothing like tonight, however.  Jake was six-for-seven from long range. “When the Iceman has it going, if you’re not right up in his shirt, he’s going to hit the shot,” said Coach Murphy.

I’ll call this Jake’s best game.  He put up twenty points, missing only one shot, and added four assists.

Gordon (18-8) gained separation late in the first half.  A 36-34 lead bulged to 47-34 in less than three minutes.  The Scots had four baskets in the breakaway run and ALL of them were assisted.  That’s called, finding your teammates.  On the night, GC had twenty-four assisted baskets and ONLY ten turnovers.  You win games with those numbers!

Two of the CCC’s best players; Rodney Morton and Garrisson Duvivier

In the second half, you knew it would happen.  What?  The lead got big (twenty points) and then SR, led by Rodney Morton (28 points) cut into it.

With seven minutes left, the Gordon lead was 83-69.  Coach Murphy called a timeout, and those paying attention, heard his “outdoor” voice.  No doubt the team caught it loud and clear.  The next 2+ minutes GC turned to layups and free throws and pushed things to the safety zone (93-72).

The Scots shot over 60% in the first half.  “Offensively we were unbelievable in the first half,” said Coach Murphy.

Garrisson Duvivier turned in his 18th Double D of this season.  He added five assists.  The immeasurable stat would be the number of shots opponents don’t take close to the basket because GD is lurking ready to hand out a rejection.

Jake Hart shows some hops in a pass reception

Next for Gordon will be Endicott at the Bennett Center (7PM) on Thursday night.  The Scots have beaten EC twice this season but both games were tight.

“Anytime you can play a great team that is your cross-town rival in a big game it’s fun,” said Coach Murphy.  I have to confess that “fun” isn’t the first thing I think of when we face the Gulls!  I think of Yankees/Red Sox where wins are exhilarating, and losses hurt for days.  To each his own on that one!

The bleachers were pulled out at the Bennett Center for this game.  The crowd was underwhelming in my opinion.  That should not be the case on Thursday night.  Playing/Beating Endicott is a happening!

Efficiency Chart

Garrisson Duvivier 35 (19 points,14 rebounds,5 assists)

Jake Haar 27 (20 points,4 assists)

Jaren Yang 18 (14 points)

Rodney Morton 18 (28 points)

Gordon 122

Salve Regina 81

Box from the game

(The pictures enlarge if you click on them.)

Jake Hart (15) in for two points

Eric Demers challenges Rodney Morton’s layup atteampt

Parker Omslaer fouled on a layup

Freshman Kevin Kelly forces a turnover

Josh Ribeiro drives in Seahawks traffic

Noah Szilagyi (10 points) takes off with a steal





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Gordon ends regular season with 80-67 win at Salve Regina

Senior Jake Hart (16 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals) had a career afternoon in his last regular season game for Gordon

Rodney Morton (27 points) led all scorers

(Amesbury MA) Now it’s time for the reason you lace them up……The Commonwealth Coast Conference Tournament.

The Scots (17-8) finished the regular season with a didn’t-matter win (80-67) over Salve Regina on Saturday afternoon.

But it did matter because on Tuesday night (7PM) at the Bennett Center the same two teams will face each other in the CCC quarter-finals. Gordon is the #2 seed (13-5) while Salve Regina (7-11) is the 7th seed.

They say that “familiarity breeds contempt” but after seeing the Seahawks twice, I’m afraid that familiarity might breed over-confidence.

Salve (10-15) has not played well against Gordon in either game.  In both games their first-half lack of accurate shooting has put them down by double figures and they have been unable to rally to put late-game pressure on GC.

But one thing that the Seahawks have been able to do is hang around.  They’ve now done it twice.  They get down, but they never allow the game to reach the bench-clearing level until the last minute or two.

Salve defeated Endicott a few days ago.  They are dangerous even if we haven’t seen that side of them.  May it not happen on Tuesday night.

A win or loss in today’s game was not going to change the tournament seedings for either team.  So you had to take today’s game with that in mind.

One thing that was certain right away was that SR’s lone senior (Rodney Morton) was going to take a lot of shots and score plenty of points…and he did.  Rodney finished with 27 for the afternoon even with a 1-for-10 from long range.

Sorry Rodney, the best senior on the floor was Gordon’s Jake Hart.  You talk about putting everything together in one game!  Jake matched his career high in points (16) and never missed a shot.  Last time I checked Jake was listed at 5-11 but that may be a typo as he landed seven rebounds including four offensive ones.  Add on two assists and three steals and you’ve had yourself a ballgame.

The breakaway segment came in the last five minutes of the first half when Gordon expanded a 25-23 lead to a 44-32 advantage.  Eric Demers (16 points) had three of his four 3-pointers during that closing spurt.

Garrisson Duvivier (13 points) collected eleven points from the foul line and added thirteen rebounds.

Steve Vampatella picked up his first GC points against Salve Regina

We waited almost four years for this to happen but it did happen in the closing seconds: Steven Vampatella put himself in the scoring column.  Nice pass from fellow senior.  Steven lifted his defender with an up-fake and dropped in two from the right.  Bench went nuts!

Eric had twenty-six last time against SR.

Efficiency Chart

Jake Hart 27

Rodney Morton 23 (27 points,6 steals)

Garrisson Duvivier 15

Gordon 91

Salve Regina 64

Two postgame concerns; (1) inability to put an opponent away and (2) the boatload of turnovers.

If GC plays three more CCC games, they will all be against teams capable of putting points together. I suspect that our team will have few chances to gain separation. Must take advantage of the opportunities.

Turnovers: Am I the only one troubled by them?  If the Scots had twenty-five turnovers in the first game of the season it might be understandable, but to get that season-high total in the LAST game of the regular season is disconcerting.  SR often double-teamed dribblers and defensive rebounders. Why not anticipate this and quickly outlet the ball to an open teammate? Layups and/or open shots often result.

I know, the team won, lighten up!  It’s just that I want to be writing about something realllly good next Saturday.  I don’t want to be looking for reasons why GC lost.

Box from the game



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Gordon streak reaches five with 81-66 win over Salve Regina

Eric Demers (26 points) topped all scorers

Garrisson Duvivier (19 points,15 rebounds)

(Wenham MA) We’re starting to get spoiled.

Gordon (9-5) ran its winning streak to five as they defeated Salve Regina, 81-66, on Saturday afternoon at the Bennett Center.

The coming week looms large for the Scots with consecutive CCC road games against Roger Williams, Western New England, and Curry.  After losing their first two Commonwealth Coast Conference games, the Scots are on a five-game league win streak and just one game away from the top spot.

Gordon jumped all over the visiting Seahawks (6-9) in the first half leading by as many as twenty-eight points.  There was a sense that the lead would grow enough in the second half to turn this into a bench-clearing event.

Tight defense

But it didn’t go that way and GC coach Tod Murphy wasn’t pleased. “We played about the best basketball we have played all season for sixteen minutes.  Then we sat back and survived the last twenty-four minutes.”

Understand that Salve (6-9) never got within double digits of the lead, but they spent most of the second half hovering too close for GC comfort.

“We became passive in the final twenty-four minutes,” said Coach Murphy.  “They went into their zone and into that switching man defense and we stopped moving and looking for our cuts.”

There was a bigger picture, however, and that was to continue to get W’s.  “I would rather win ugly than lose ugly,” conceded Coach Murphy.

Gordon’s big first half did in Salve.  In a tight game for four minutes (10-8), the home team went on a 31-5 tear over the next thirteen minutes to escape 41-13.  The Seahawks never recovered.

Jake Haar finishes over Kevin Kelly

“Coaches look like they’re really smart when the team is hitting shots, and early on we hit a lot of shots,” said Coach Murphy.

Even with the team letdown in the second half, Eric Demers, Garrisson Duvivier, and Jaren Yang had terrific afternoons.

Eric continues to put up serious numbers, getting over twenty points for the 9th time this season. Teams have tried guarding him closely and even have attempted to deny him the ball, but he still finds openings.  His ability, this year, to cut back on the turnovers while handing out assists and adding steals has been noticeable.

Garrisson has impacted the GC program since the day he arrived in 2015.  He puts up double/double’s with regularity including this afternoon when he put nineteen points together with fifteen rebounds. It was his 9th double D this season.

Jaren Yang had a career game

Senior Jaren Yang may well have had the best game of his Gordon career this afternoon.  Accurate outside shooting (4-for-6) and perfect foul shooting (6-for-6), along with a good eye for the open teammate (8 assists) will get you a very good day.  Jaren reached the career-game level, however, when he added four steals to his totals.

Noah Szilagyi guarded by Gabe Granberry

So you can see that was plenty of good individual moments despite the margin-squandering moments of the second half.

The magic margin number in the second half seemed to be twelve.  Six times in that second half the better defending and better shooting Seahawks lessened their deficit to twelve.  And every time this happened, the Scots were able to react with enough offense/defense to re-enlarge their advantage.

Efficiency chart

Garrisson Duvivier 34

Jaren Yang 25

Eric Demers 18

Isaiah Bowman 18 (16 points)

Cameron Collins 16 (18 points)

Gordon 106

Salve Regina 75

Box from the game

(All the pictures will enlarge if you click on them.)

Josh Crutchfield leads a break







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Lexi Potter goal gets Gordon past Salve Regina 1-0

Gordon seniors honored.

Devin Lacroix gets away from Lea Adams

(Wenham MA) Gordon put short passes together all game long but most of them were horizontal.

However, ten minutes into the second half the Scots (8-4-2) put two vertical passes together and sophomore Lexi Potter broke in with the second one netting the only goal of the game.

The 1-0 victory over Salve Regina (5-9-3) extends the Scots win-streak to four with one game left in the regular season.

The Commonwealth Coast Conference tournament is scheduled to start next Saturday. Gordon, at 5-2-1 in the CCC, might face Salve again in the first round. GC is currently the #4 seed.

If Gordon can remain in the top four of the CCC they will earn for themselves a first-round home game. That would be a good thing because the Scots are undefeated (5-0) on the Wenham campus this season.

This was my first look at the women’s soccer team. I was immediately impressed with their determination and ability to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible. They forced the visitors from Newport (RI) to do a lot of chasing.

The GC seniors (Kay Silveira, Naomi Shearer, Kim Bowley, Chandler Stier, and Sammi Morren) and their parents were recognized in a pregame ceremony.


Naomi Shearer gets in front of Abby McMackin’s shot

Later, Naomi would make a huge play in the game sliding across in front of SR’s Abby McMackin to block a high-percentage shot attempt. Abby has a team-high eleven goals this season for the Seahawks.

Lexi Potter sets to shoot after being set up by Devin Lacroix and Ashley Barkey

SR goalie Carly Pala looks back at the net after Lexi’s shot goes by her

Lexi Potter’s goal deserved two assists. Why? Sophomore Devin Lacroix advanced the ball forward beyond midfield in the middle and connected ahead to moving sophomore teammate Ashton Barkey. Ashton took a few dribbles forward and put a beautiful pass ahead beyond the Seahawks’ defenders. Lexi flew in from the right, past the defenders, collected the ball, and shot past SR goalie Carly Pala’s right and the celebrating began. As you can see, Devin (2nd team CCC last year) deserved an assist.


Gordon GK Kali Denty dives after Lea Adams’ shot

The biggest stop by Gordon’s sophomore goalie Kali Denty? A direct-kick blast late in the game from the middle of the field by Lea Adams. Kali, who isn’t very tall, took a high dive to her right to snag a shot headed for the upper corner.

Abby McMackin (3rd team CCC last year) excelled for the Seahawks. I have pictures with her deep in both ends. She was relentless and had the best of SR’s scoring chances.

Hard to single out anyone for the Scots because they were so unselfish with the ball. And it helped that there always seemed to be someone to pass to.

The weather was truly remarkable. Seventies in late October?

Good crowd on hand for the noon contest. Many, I suspect, were connected to the five seniors.
Gordon had a scoreless tie with Salve Regina last season at Newport.

The Scots have reached the CCC tournament finals in each of the last two seasons. Maybe they can take the next step this year?

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Gordon celebrates the only goal of the game

Ashley Barkey chases Emily Szemreylo

Amanda Fantasia and Asha Steele fight for a loose ball

Loose ball in the box

Devin Lacroix surrounded by Seahawks

Kali Denty comes out to deflect a shot by Abby McMackin

Katie Szemreylo battles with Jill Kefalas

Lexi Potter on the move

Salve GK Carly Pala battles with Devin Lacroix

Kiersten Klose

Lexi Potter

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Gordon finishes regular season with 74-66 win over Salve Regina

Garrisson Duvivier (26 points) had a big afternoon against Salve Regina

Garrisson Duvivier (26 points) had a big afternoon against Salve Regina

(Amesbury MA) The Scots finished the regular season with a 74-66 win over Salve Regina in Newport (RI) on Saturday afternoon.

Gordon (15-10) needed the win to take fourth place in the Commonwealth Coast Conference and earn a home game (Tuesday 7PM) against Wentworth in the first round of the CCC tournament.

The Scots are in the same bracket as top-seed Nichols and #8 UNE.  The Nor’Easters have upset higher seeded teams in the first round the last two post-seasons.  Last year it was Wentworth and the year before it was Nichols.

The game with Salve Regina (8-16) was close.  The Seahawks trailed by just three points (61-58) with 4:21 to go.

Gordon had done well inside all afternoon as nineteen second chance points and forty points in the paint suggests.  Consecutive layups by Garrisson Duvivier and Jaren Yang gained GC separation and five-of-six made free throws in the last minute finished off the team from Newport.

Garrisson was Garrisson – 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 steals.

Sam Johnson had his 16th double/double

Sam Johnson had his 16th double/double

Sam Johnson was Sam Johnson – 13 points, and 16 rebounds.  This was Sam’s sixteenth double/double of the season.

Jaren Yang had a marvelous second half – 13 points including 8-for-8 from the foul line.

Those stats were wonderful but the one I liked the best was Gordon having only NINE turnovers.  The last time that number was matched was during an NCAA post-season loss to Williams three years ago.

With few turnovers and a strong inside presence, the Scots could play three more games and be standing behind a banner.


Jaren Yang was eight-for-eight at the line in the second half.

Jaren Yang was eight-for-eight at the line in the second half.

Garrisson Duvivier 26

Sam Johnson 22

Jaren Yang 13

David Blackwell 12 (12 points)

Gordon 86

Salve Regina 60

The Seahawks will face Endicott, at Endicott, on Tuesday night.  Last meeting between those two resulted in a 35-point SR defeat.

Gordon’s last-meeting win over Wentworth was hopefully a turning point in our relationship with the team from Boston.  Tuesday night’s game should be a good one.

Box from the game.

Cooper Wirkala's two free throws in the closing second sealed the win for Oceanside

Cooper Wirkala’s two free throws in the closing second sealed the win for Oceanside

Why is this so late?  Saturday morning I learned that my nephew’s son was playing in a high school tournament game that afternoon in Augusta, Maine.  Off I went with my equipment and gave the game coverage.  In it my nephew’s son cashed two free throws in the final seconds to separate his team from the opposition.



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Jake Haar (21 points) and Sam Johnson (19 rebounds) lead Gordon past Salve Regina 80-71

Sam Johnson (19 rebounds)

Sam Johnson (19 rebounds)

Jake Haar (21 points)

Jake Haar (21 points)

(Amesbury MA) Three games in five days.

Tiring, for sure, and what I saw via the great Gordon feed was two tired teams.

But Gordon was home and it helped as they defeated Salve Regina, 80-71, on Saturday afternoon.

The visitors from Newport (RI) hung in for a while but late in the first half GC put unanswered offense together and got up by eight at halftime.

The Scots (7-6) ran their lead to double-figures in the second half and kept it there until a last-second three against the cleared Gordon bench.

Jake Haar (21 points) has refused to cool off and that sure helped in this game.  Jake tied his career-high mark in 3-pointers (seven) making four in the first half and three in the second.

The Scots used three of Jake’s first-half triples after being tied with the Seahawks, 19-19, with 5 ½ minutes left, to break ahead to the 8-point, halftime advantage.

Second half, more Jake.  He brought the Scots’ lead to ten (47-37) with a three and later pushed the GC margin to sixteen (55-39) with his final 3-pointer.

 Jaren Yang (seventeen assists over the last two games)

Jaren Yang (seventeen assists over the last two games)

Maybe best of all, for long-term sake, was GC’s effort to deliberately find Jake.  He had thirteen shots in this game up three from his highest in that category this season.  Jaren Yang found Jake four times for made three’s.

Sam Johnson was back to his double-double self against Salve.  This was his 9th of the season as he pulled down nineteen boards and put up fifteen points.

The disparity in rebounding was significant.  GC collected 57 while SR (4-8) was held to 35.

The team combo of timely 3-point shooting and dominating rebounding was too much for Salve Regina to overcome.

Part of that 3-point efficiency was freshman Sam Traicoff.  The Beverly native put up his first points of the season.

Junior Jaren Yang nearly had his own double-double with twelve points and eight assists.  His assists-to-turnover ratio has been a remarkable 17-to-3 over the last two games.

Eric Demers was out of uniform wearing a boot on his right ankle.  No way for me to know what’s going on there while sitting in Amesbury, although Eric hobbled off the court late in the Endicott game.  I thought, at the time, that it might be cramps.

Jake Hart took Eric’s starting spot and played well enough to be on the Efficiency chart.  His defense was solid as usual.

Freshman Sam Traicoff brought a scoring drought with a three

Freshman Sam Traicoff broke a scoring drought with a three

Nick Bates from Danvers

Nick Bates from Danvers

There was a segment of really sour offensive basketball in the first half.  During a four-minute segment neither team scored a point.  The Gordon part included five missed three’s.  It was Sam Traicoff’s triple that broke the Scots out of it.

Senior Nick Bates is from nearby Danvers (MA).

Endicott was upset by Western New England this afternoon to get their first CCC loss.  Nichols is still undefeated in the conference.  Endicott and Nichols meet next Saturday in Beverly.

The next Gordon game will be in Biddeford (ME) against the University of New England on Wednesday night.


Sam Johnson 31 (15 pts, 19 reb)

Nick Bates 26 (17 pts, 12 reb)

Jake Haar 22 (21 pts)

Connor Costello (13 pts, 4 assists)

Jake Hart 14 (10 pts, 3 assists)

Gordon 102 (57 reb)

Salve Regina 77

Box from the game



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Gordon holds off Salve Regina 63-61 to reach 5th in the CCC standings

Happy Scots celebrate fourth straight victory

Happy Scots celebrate fourth straight victory

Jake Haar (13 points) gets off a floater in the lane that turned out to be the game-winner with eight seconds left

Jake Haar (13 points) gets off a floater in the lane that turned out to be the game-winner with eight seconds left

(Wenham MA) Gordon survived a hold-your-breath finish to defeat Salve Regina, 63-61, on Saturday afternoon at the Bennett Center.

The win, Gordon’s 4th straight, thrusts them into fifth place in the Commonwealth Coast Conference standings. The opportunity to move higher is clearly in place as three of their final regular CCC games are against teams above them (Wentworth, Endicott, Nichols).

A finish in the top four would get the Scots (8-6/11-10) a home game in the first round of the CCC playoffs.

Gordon will host Wentworth (9-5) next Wednesday night.

To win today’s game with the Seahawks the Scots had to overcome a 7-point deficit (61-54) in the final 2:49. Gordon’s shooting on this afternoon had been way off (37%) and a comeback seemed unlikely.

BUT back they came and the defense had plenty to do with it. SR didn’t score a point in the final 2:49. The visitors missed a jump shot (Bryce Boggs) and a layup (Nick Bates) and had two layups blocked by Garrisson Duvivier and Sam Johnson. They also committed two turnovers including one on the final play of the afternoon.

Graham Tienhaara and Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Graham Tienhaara and Sam Johnson positioned for a rebound

Meanwhile the Scots produced points in their last five possessions to get the lead. Two of the possessions were kept alive by offensive rebounds. (Rebounding has been a consistent positive all season.)

Jake Haar (13 points) hit a 3-pointer after the first offensive rebound. Then Garrison Duvivier (14 points) made one of two free throws, before he came back on the next possession to get an offensive rebound. This time Garrisson was fouled and made both free throws. Next GC possession it was Richie Armand’s chance at two at the line. Richie missed the first and made the second to tie the score at 61-61 with 58 seconds left.

Richie Armand shows plenty of knee brace and flair heading for the hoop in the last minute

Richie Armand shows plenty of knee brace and flair heading for the hoop in the last minute

Following a SR layup miss the Scots took over. After a timeout, there was plenty of dribbling/passing before the shot-clock countdown began. Jake Haar ended up with a pass from Richie Armand and instead of dialing long-distance he broke into the paint past defender Bryce Boggs and drained a floater with eight seconds to go to give GC the 63-61 lead.

What would Salve do? A good bet would have been on Bryce Boggs (23 points) to take the shot. After all, the sophomore had nineteen of his points in the second half. He had hit from long range and he had gotten to the basket.

Bryce did get the ball but was swarmed by at least two defenders above the foul line. Bryce had the presence of mind to spot teammate Kevin Mannix uncovered in close. A quick pass got the ball there but over came Sam Johnson to block Kevin’s shot attempt in the last second.

With less than a second left, SR still had time for an inbounds play. A two-pointer ties it and a 3-pointer wins it. I don’t know what play Salve coach Sean Foster had drawn up but my pictures show that SR nearly got a wide-open three-point attempt by Rodney Morton from the left corner. The pass, however, ended up going out of bounds and the game ended there. I think what happened was that inbounds passer (Barrett Hanlon) saw Rodney aboutn to get open in the corner but teammate Nick Bates didn’t. Nick reached for what he thought was a bad pass and deflected it past Rodney. If that pass had reached Rodney, he would have had a very clean look at the game winner. One of the Gordon defenders was extremely fortunate, to say the least.srgc-final-shot-one-halfsrgc-A14-final-shot-#1


But it all came out good for the home team. It isn’t how you win, it’s did you. And the answer was “Yes” today.

Bryce Boggs (23 points) powers into the lane

Bryce Boggs (23 points) powers into the lane

Gordon had points from ten different players. It was indeed one of those games where I wondered afterwards where the GC points had come from. For Salve it was easy; Bryce Boggs and Nick Bates.

Bryce looked like a miniature Marcus Smart (Celtics) to me. Muscular with a good outside shot as well as a willingness to challenge the GD shot blockers.

Nick, from nearby Danvers, is a certain All-CCC player. Today he had 18 points and 15 rebounds. Garrisson Duvivier kept him from doing more damage. I was surprised that he didn’t cash in either of his two layups in the end game.

Gordon was fortunate to see very little of senior Barrett Hanlon. Barrett got three fouls in the first half and he also still appears to be having knee problems. Shutting him out was huge when you consider his history at the Bennett Center: 2014 – 32 points in SR win, 2015 – 22 points, including 17 in the second half in SR win.

Juniors Nick Bates and Sam Johnson

Juniors Nick Bates and Sam Johnson

If you’re a guard with a nice 3-point shot, you probably scored a lot of points in high school. In college the defense will take that shot away most of the time. That is why it has been good to see newcomers Eric Demers, Noah Szilaygi, and Jake Haar, arrive with a second shot. I call it a floater. The guard gets past the over-playing perimeter defender and gets closer to the basket. With shot blockers ahead, the guard lofts a higher-than-usual shot over the bigger defenders rushing at him. That type of shot by freshman Jake Haar turned out to be the game winning basket in today’s win over Salve Regina.

Efficiency Chart

Bryce Boggs 22 (23 pts)

Nick Bates 21 (18 pts/15 rebs)

Garrisson Duvivier 20 (14 pts/12 rebs/3 blocks)

Sam Johnson 15 (9 pts/12 rebs)

Jake Haar 11 (13 pts)

Gordon 79

Salve Regina 55

Tremendous discrepancy in the team totals.

Nick Bates and Bryce Boggs were 16-for-32 for Salve. The rest of the team? 7-for-29.

Salve’s decline at the end of the game may have had something to do with the long minutes starters Nick Bates (39), Bryce Boggs (36), and Rodney Morton (38) played.

Game boxscore

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Richie Armand ties the game with this free throw in the last minute

Richie Armand ties the game with this free throw in the last minute

Senior Udoka Obiora (#32) eyes the basket

Senior Udoka Obiora (#32) eyes the basket

Richie Armand chased by Patrick O'Rourke

Richie Armand chased by Patrick O’Rourke

Bryce Boggs shoots over Noah Szilagyi

Bryce Boggs shoots over Noah Szilagyi

Jake Haar dials long-distance

Jake Haar dials long-distance

Barrett Hanlon spent most of the game on the sidelines which was a big break for Gordon

Barrett Hanlon spent most of the game on the sidelines which was a big break for Gordon

Garrisson Duvivier defends Nick Bates

Garrisson Duvivier defends Nick Bates

Rodney Morton drives in past Richie Armand and Graham Tienhaara

Rodney Morton drives in past Richie Armand and Graham Tienhaara


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