Nichols puts in masterful performance to drub Gordon 104-85

Sophomore Marcos Echevarria reached 1000 points in Nichols win over Gordon

Sophomore Marcos Echevarria reached 1000 points in Nichols win over Gordon

DeAnte Bruton toasted the Scots with thirty points.

DeAnte Bruton toasted the Scots with thirty points.

(Amesbury MA) After a while you just had to sit back and admire the play of a team putting it all together.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Gordon doing all that good stuff.  It was Nichols and they ran and hid from the Scots, 104-85, on Saturday afternoon in Dudley.

On this afternoon the Gordon defense, like the Nichols webcast, was lacking in some places.  For the webcast, it was the right corner.  For Gordon, it was beyond the arc.

The Bison (14-5) drained eight of eleven from long range in the breakaway second half.

The Scots didn’t play all that badly but on this afternoon you would hardly know it.  Based on Efficiency stats, Gordon on this day, put numbers together that were better than ten other games but it hardly mattered.

Why?  Nichols had everything working after Gordon jumped off to an 18-9 lead.

Big game for sophomore Marco Echevarria.  They started celebrating before halftime when Marco reached 1000 points.  This is a sophomore with more games left in his sophomore season!  If things go as they have been, Marco will pass Ryan Sheehan his senior year and become Nichols all-time scoring leader.

Lest you consider Marco to be some sort of gunning, ball hog, think again.  Today he had eight assists.  Yes, he handles the ball a lot.  No turnovers today.  Can he defend?  Four steals today.

You put a game like Marco’s together with exceptional performances by Nichols four other starters (DeAnte Bruton had thirty points!) and Gordon had multiple reasons to be in trouble.

In Gordon’s last-possession loss to Nichols earlier this month, not all the Bison played as well and the Scots could have won the game.  Not this time.

Gordon has now lost six straight to Nichols.  Not an opponent the Scots would want to face in the CCC tournament in February.

One of the eye-catching stats was that Nichols had only five turnovers for the game.  I had to go back to a game with ENC in 2014 to find a number like that.

Things that hurt GC: Sam Johnson with fewer minutes than usual because of foul trouble and Jake Haar (owner of the CCC’s top 3-point shooting percentage) making only two of eight attempts from long range.

Gordon (11-8) will resume play on Tuesday night (5:30PM) against Curry.  The Colonels haven’t won a game in a while but they nearly got it done in Milton earlier this month.  Trap game of the highest order.


Marco Echevarria 32

DeAnte Bruton 28 (30 points, 4 assists)

Devin Stallings 23 (15 points, 2 assists)

Garrisson Duvivier 22 (20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks)

Jerome Cunningham 20 (11 points, 9 rebounds)

Nichols 128

Gordon 95

Box from the game




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