Kyle Credle (24 points) leads Becker past Gordon 85-78

Jake Haar scored nineteen points against Becker on 7-for-8 shooting

Jake Haar scored nineteen points against Becker on 7-for-8 shooting

(Amesbury MA) The Becker Hawks had the go-to guy at the end and defeated Gordon, 85-78, on Friday night at Clark University.

The erratic feed from Clark prevented me from getting much of a look at the game but the stats offered a pretty clear visual of what went on.

This was a game that Gordon had a good chance to win but let get away in the final minutes.

The score was tied 75-75 with 3:51 left.  Put some offense together.  Play some defense and end the 2016 part of the season with a W.

Instead the Scots (6-4) fall apart on both ends of the court and suffered a non-league setback.

The hero for Becker (6-4) was clearly senior Kyle Credle (24 points).  Kyle recently joined the 1000-point club at Becker.  In this game, Kyle (5’10” guard) dominated the final 3:51 connecting on two 3’s, a jump shot, getting a rebound, and blocking a layup attempt.

If Gordon had come up with some answers, the impact of Kyle’s late-game heroics might have been lessened.  Didn’t happen on this evening.  The Scots missed four 3’s, three layups, and a free throw.  They did make three free throws but that wasn’t nearly enough.  The fatal missing was done by six different players.  It was a collective coolness down the stretch that let this one get away.

One person who wasn’t shooting in the end game was Jake Haar and he probably should have been.  Jake had another warm evening going seven-for-eight to get nineteen points.

Rough night for Gordon’s two inside threats.  The numbers might suggest otherwise (Garrisson Duvivier – 19 points, 13 rebounds & Sam Johnson – 16 rebounds, 9 points) but between the two of them they missed twenty-four shots around the basket.  Sometimes an inside shot from within a collapsed defense is a low-percentage shot.


Kyle Credle 37 (24 points, 7 rebounds)

Sam Johnson 21 (16 rebounds, 5 assists)

Jake Haar 20 (19 points)

Samuel Durodola 19 (13 points, 4 blocks)

Kareem Davis 17 (18 points)

Becker 104

Gordon 87

Becker defeated Nichols and Brandeis this season.

Becker is in the same conference as Daniel Webster.

Gordon had only eleven fouls.  I had to go back to 2009 to find a game with fewer fouls.  Maybe the defense wasn’t as tight as it could have been?

The Scots won’t be playing again until the new year.  First week in January there are three games (Nichols, Endicott, Salve Regina) in five days.  The Nichols game is home on Tuesday January 3rd.  With the student body still on vacation there will be PLENTY of good seats available.

Box from this game

Christmas is such a special time for believers.  Enjoy it with friends and family.



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