12-point streak in the second half gets Gordon by UNE 76-67

(Biddeford ME/Amesbury) This game was not fun to watch for the longest time.

Maybe it was UNE’s feed which had its visual problems.

More likely it was the thirty minutes of mediocre, at best, offense in which neither team could put points together.

But then, trailing 50-45 with 9:47 remaining, some switch was turned and the Scots, for 2+ minutes, scored twelve unanswered points. Up 57-50, Gordon had enough left on both ends to keep UNE from getting closer the rest of the way.

That run was certainly the difference as Gordon (10-10/7-6) defeated UNE, 76-67, on Tuesday night.

That’s three straight for the Scots and my wondering if they can make the Final Eight in the Commonwealth Coast Conference has significantly lessened. My curiosity now is whether they can break into the top four in the standings. From there a team gets at least one home game in the CCC playoffs.

Let’s return to that spurt of good consistent offense. Who saw it coming? But come it did and within were ingredients that have powered the Scots to recent wins. Rebounding is certainly one of them. Gordon abused UNE on the boards (52-28). The team from Wenham had twenty-three second chance points.

In the run that won, Garrisson Duvivier (13 rebounds/11 points) got loose inside for a score and was fouled. Shortly after that Garrisson again was in close and was fouled. He made the first but missed the second. You knew things were heading GC’s way when they got the rebound (Jake Hart) of the missed free throw and it turned into a Noah Szilagyi 3-pointer.

Still no answer from the Nor’Easters. A Richie Armand steal then set up a Jake Haar three. Next, Jake went to the line for two. The UNE announcer, and I thought he was outstanding, did everything in his power to jinx the Californian. “He hasn’t missed a free throw all season. Might as well just give him the two points.” It didn’t work. Jake sank both of them. And yes, he is 17-for-17!

That is where the twelve points came from and against poor-shooting UNE it was enough to carry the day.

UNE (10-10/5-8) sat back in a zone for some of the game and it worked for quite a while. They were daring the launch-and-pray. In the pull away second half GC launched and scored making 5-of-10 from long range.

When the home team was forced to play man-to-man they just didn’t have the ability to protect the inside consistently. Sam Johnson had fifteen points from around the basket.

If you’re a fan of the team and you’re short of things to worry about, how about putting some time into worrying about the GC foul shooting? The Scots missed eleven second-half free throws (14-for-25). Maybe Jake could do a seminar??

Efficiency Chart

Drew Coveney 19 (8 pts/8 assists/4 steals)

Sam Johnson 17 (15 pts/9 rebounds)

Garrisson Duvivier 17 (11 pts/13 rebounds/3 assists)

CJ Autry 12 (14 pts)

Jake Hart 10 (3 assists/3 steals/6 pts)

Eric Demers 10 (11 pts/4 rebounds)

Gordon 95

UNE 72

Game Boxscore

Gordon plays at the Bennett Center on Saturday (3PM) against a much improved Salve Regina team. Last Saturday’s crowd at the ENC thriller was a difference maker.

I know that this is none of my business but I can’t help myself. What pleasure could the UNE women’s team have gotten in building up a 70-point lead over GC’s team? I know that GC is struggling and bears some responsibility for keeping a game competitive but did it need to take UNE three quarters to figure out that GC wasn’t likely to make a 50-point comeback? Long ago I used to watch boxing. When an opponent was defenseless the referee would step in and end the fight to prevent serious injury. In my opinion, when a basketball opponent is losing badly it is the place of the winning coach to do whatever it takes to minimize the damage. Run the clock. Stop pressing and fast breaking. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”




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