Gordon Stays Undefeated in the CCC with a Road Win Over Roger Williams

David Dempsey (19 points & 7 assists)

(Newburyport) Maybe this team is better than we think.

Gordon traveled to Bristol (RI) and shot down a good Roger Williams team, 77-62, on Thursday night.

That’s five straight in the Commonwealth Coast Conference for the Scots and only defending CCC champs Salve Regina has done as well so far.  And would you believe that the two undefeated conference teams will be meeting on Saturday (3PM) at Gordon?  It’s true, and I expect to be there, Lord willing.

It was a novelty for me to watch the Roger Williams/Gordon game unfold via Live Stats on my computer.  It was interesting to watch the stats build up.

Gordon (6-6) came out making shots and never cooled off.  How does 61.2% for the game sound?  They had those kind of stats after one half (40-30 lead) and I suspected that they would cool off considerably.  Instead, they just kept “taking and making” and never gave the Hawks a chance to rally into contention.

Alex Carnes (season-high eighteen points)

The Scot shooting was at it’s best for 7 ½ minutes of the second half leading up to the ten minute mark.  RWU (6-6) trailed by seven (45-38) at 17:39.  7 ½ minutes later they trailed by twenty-three (63-40).  That’s a dandy 18-2 segment!  The Scots were 4-for-4 shooting triples during this spurt.

That long-range shooting was remarkable all night (9-for-15).  Two nights ago, at UNE, I watched the same group of gentlemen make one of fourteen.  Who can explain these things?

David Dempsey (19), Alex Carnes (18), Park Thomas (13), and Hans Miersma (10) led the Gordon scorers.  Alex and Park hit seven treys between them.

Alex’s eighteen points are a season high for him, The 6-4 sophomore has contributed three straight double-digit point games.

David Dempsey had a career-high seven assists.  In points he has now reached 801 points.

The free throw shooting (8-11) and the turnovers (14) were two more positive takeaways from the win.

I worried early on about the way the fouls added up on our tallest players – Hans Miersma, Jordan Kelly, and Jon Himottu each had two fouls halfway through the first half.  However, with the non-stop deadly shooting going on it never became a factor.  Granted, the Hawks’ best player (Pat Flanagan 6-9 senior) scored nineteen points but he had little scoring help from teammates.

Park Thomas (13 points including three triples)

So far we have a team that lost three straight, won three straight, lost three straight, and now has won three straight.  There is a pattern there that I would hope would be altered on Saturday afternoon!

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