David Dempsey and Hans Miersma Excel But Gordon Loses to Salem State University

Hans Miersma - 10 rebounds vs Salem State

(Newtown CT)  There is no truth to the rumor that Gordon (0-3) will be scrimmaging a collection of idle Boston Celtics over the weekend just to find competition better than they’ve played so far.

Things went pretty much as expected as Gordon visited Salem State University and came away soundly defeated, 76-49, on Tuesday night at Salem.

After facing two of the top ten teams in Division 3, according to website D3 Hoops, the Scots now start league play against Western New England at home on November 30th (Wednesday) at home.

No fear of over-confidence as Gordon moves into two games with Commonwealth Coast Conference foes.  The hope is that the three early losses have been enlightening to the team as far as; (1) how good teams play and (2) what they need to do to get to that level.  Will the team be improved enough to be competitive with WNEC and Curry next week?   Lord willing, I expect to show up and find out.

The SSU/Gordon stat sheet produced a couple of positives:

David Dempsey - 23 points and no turnovers vs Salem State

(1) Second-team CCC All-Star David Dempsey put up the kind of numbers we’ve seen before and that this team desperately needs every game – 10/17 shooting, 8 rebounds, zero turnovers, 23 points.

(2) Freshman Hans Miersma (6-9) had his first double figure (10) rebound game.  He also stayed out of foul trouble in long minutes.

Salem State (4-0) took complete control of this game in the first half.  At 13:13 the Viking lead was 10-7.  As the rest of the half unraveled, so did the Gordon offense/defense.  By halftime, the home team led, 43-25.

During the decisive separation segment, the Vikings were 13-for-23 from the field, including three 3’s, collecting thirty-three points.  There was a SSU dunk and five offensive rebounds to highlight the overall dominance of the Vikings.

I watched the last part of the game on the Viking webcast.  The coverage was pretty good. However, it was a bit of a nuisance not to see the score on the screen  They did occasionally pan the scoreboard to get the viewer up to date.  Also, somehow Cooper Meyer became “Cooper” to the announcer.  Maybe he was a friend of the announcer??

I remain optimistic about the CCC season ahead.  Low shooting percentages from the field are one thing – credit the good defense.  Low shooting percentage from the free throw line (52.2% vs. SSU) is indefensible.

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