Help Is On the Way

These three high schools seniors have agreed to enroll at Gordon College.  I have seen each of them play.

Jason Dempsey

Jason? Yes, that is David’s brother. In the game of his that I saw in Connecticut he was a tireless defender and an opportunist on offense. The points he scored were on offensive rebounds.

Hans Miersma

Hans? He is 6’9″ and can block shots and dunk. He could be the best inside prospect Gordon has ever recruited. It will be interesting to watch how he functions in the physically challenging Commonwealth Coast Conference.

Taylor Bajema

Taylor? Yes, this is Brady’s brother. He’s a risk-taker on offense and defense reminding me more of Aaron Trigg than his brother. He’ll often make things happen on either end and most of it is good. I saw him make big-time clutch free throws in the Massachusetts D3 state championship game to give his dad’s Whitinsville Christian team the 2011 state title this past March.

I’m suspecting that this threesome will be a lot of fun to watch over the next four seasons.

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