Wentworth Defeats Gordon Decisively

Too many by Gordon (19) versus the Wentworth Leopards.

David Dempsey had 14 points and 5 steals in loss to Wentworth.

(Newtown CT) I know the Wentworth game was at the Bennett Center but I chose to put down where I watched it from.

I was part of the Gordon website viewing audience last night.  When the screen said, “We’re having technical difficulties,” the smart aleck in me suggested later on that the message was a reference to the team!

Down Gordon went (79-47) with its sixth loss by nineteen points or more.  Unfortunately, the Scots (3-7) get to face Wentworth in less than two weeks in a Commonwealth Coast Conference game.  I liked Assistant coach Keith Krass’ line afterwards, “Maybe Wentworth will be overconfident next time.” 

They’d have reason if they were.  The Leopards shot 51.7% and held Gordon to 47 points on Gordon’s home court.  Next meeting is at Wentworth.

Final stats are almost always misleading.  This game is a prime example.  Wentworth obviously dominated the final stats but look what happens when the game is divided into three parts. 

After the first 9 ½ minutes the Scots led 17-16.  During the last 10 ½ minutes of the game the points totals were 13-13.  The scary twenty minutes were in between!  Wentworth took the Scots apart to the tune of 50-17 during that pitiful segment.

Dismiss the 13-13 part as extended garbage time.  It seems to me that the other stats reflect a beginning in which Wentworth had to get acclimated to a road game.  Once they did, they were awesome on both ends of the court as the 50-17 point-spread indicates.

Those of us watching via the website missed the audio of the 17-16 start and without a look at the scoreboard couldn’t see how badly the game slipped away thereafter.  By the time we could hear the score we knew things would be ending badly.

I did think that the website coverage was excellent once the equipment kicked in.  Now if we can just get the team to put on a good show!

David Dempsey led Gordon with 14 points and 5 steals.

Game stats that get my attention are assists and turnovers. 

6-11 Sam Herrick thwarted Gordon's inside game.

The fewer the assists (Gordon had 7 in this game) the more questions are raised about organized offense.  The Scots are primed to get the ball inside to Greg Walker.  Most of the time points are produced.  This time Greg had to stare up at 6-11 Sam Herrick.  He reduced Greg to a 5-shot game. In this game there was a need to turn up good scoring chances for the other players.

The turnover issue (19 in this game) hasn’t stopped being a problem for the Scots.  Sometimes the miscue is a solo effort.  Other times the passer or the receiver mess up fundamentally.  It’s never fun to watch possessions without shot attempts.  Every possession is important.

We Gordon faithful can hope that our team will elevate its game to CCC level by the time they face Wentworth.  They still have one more game to upgrade themselves as they face Wheelock at 5:30PM at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill. 

Lord willing, I expect to return to Newburyport (from CT) soon and get a weather-permitting look at the Scots throughout the Jan-Feb part of their schedule.

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