Defensive Gem by Tim MacDonnell Seals Championship for Gordon in Title Game

( You Tube coverage of the last 3.6 seconds in Gordon’s win over Curry on 2-27-10 )

Timmy MacDonnell - Defensive gem by the senior preserves Scot win in title game.

Having now seen the video of those last 3.6 seconds, let’s look at what happened, at least as far as I could figure out. 

Brady had been covering Mark Mastrullo the entire game and Aaron had been covering Jarrell Jackson. 

During the final play, Aaron and Brady switched men because the two Curry players crossed so Aaron ends up with Mark in front of the Curry bench.  Brady then has Jarrell.  Meanwhile, Tim is on the other side of the lane with Mike Worrick on the weakside. 

As Mike Worrick drifts out toward the top of the key, Tim does not follow him but stays in the lane guessing at what Curry is up to.

Jarrell Jackson fakes out and then cuts backdoor.  Brady goes for the fake and Jarrell cuts backdoor cleanly.  Philippe Jourdain reads the backdoor cut and throws a bounce pass under Ben Gaskill’s waving arms to where Jarrell will be on his way to the basket. 

However, Tim was already on his way into the passing lane as the bounce pass is released and intercepts the pass cleanly.  He then plants his feet and lofts the ball into the backcourt allowing time to expire. 

Looking at the You Tube coverage, there’s no question that Jarrell was open and no question that the pass was to where Jarrell would have been in easy layup position. 

Tim’s play was remarkable under any circumstances but put it at the end of a conference championship game preserving a 2-point lead and you have to move into a different level of accolade.

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