Salem News reports “barnburner” at Gordon………..but how close were they to the fire?

I enjoy covering Gordon games home and away.  I assure you that it is a labor of love to attend games and then describe them often in the wee hours of the morning.

Trying to cover a game you are not at is not as difficult as you might imagine with the technology available.  I have done two that way so far and have offered Barbadian excuses for them.  I went online after the games to either school’s website and got the box score and especially the play-by-play list.  If the Gordon video feed had worked, I could have used it for a home game. If I were trying to make my coverage seem even more authentic, I could have called up the coaches involved to get their respective slants on the games as well as some special insight. 

If you read the results of my work gathered this way in an article, you could well suspect that I was on hand because you would assume that the details and quotes I provided must have been gotten on site.  Do not make that assumption. 

Take the Salem News coverage of the Gordon/Endicott game from December 3rd (Thursday).  Here is the link to their story.

Let me assure you at the start that I have nothing personal against the Salem News or the writer – Jean DePlacido. 

In the first paragraph, the reader finds out that the writer does not understand how the Commonwealth Coast Conference league schedule works.  The game on Thursday evening was NOT a league game contrary to what the writer tells us.  That’s okay, that change was made a couple of years ago. 

The “Huh??” part happens further along when the writer tells us that the Gordon/Endicott game went into overtime.  There were 700+ of us who were at the game at the Bennett Center who would dare disagree.  Certainly, with that piece of misinformation the writer is outed as a non-attendee. 

In the title of the article, the writer referred to the game as a “Barnburner.”  It sure was but the writer wasn’t close enough to smell the smoke!  Jean DePlacido was not required to say that she was not at the game she is reporting on but if she did, it would excuse the “overtime” statement.

Understand that even though I attend a game it doesn’t mean I get the facts straight. My chances to be accurate, however, would seem a bit higher than someone using technology and creating a false impression.

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