Gordon Scrimmages Emerson

fastbreak with Tim, Aaron, Jeff 11-3-09

A rare breakout led by TMac, Aaron, and Jeff against Emerson

I got my first look at this year’s team on Tuesday night at the Bennett Center in a scrimmage against Emerson. 

The visitors gave the 2009-10 Scots an end-to-end taste of  irritating man-to-man defense.  Open shots were few and that very active Emerson defense prevented Gordon from cashing in on height advantages at every position very often.  But the Scots did put up 83 points as did Emerson.

Without stats and charting, my mission was to make sure everyone was back and also to check out the new players as well as the coach.

Aaron Trigg’s hair may have been different but his arsenal of shots looked the same. 

Ben Gaskill seemed to spend most of the night frustrated with himself.  He did miss a bunch of shots.  However, he looks bigger and was very aggressive around the basket.  Can he stay out of foul trouble?  He’s gone to the facial hair look.

Tim and Brady 11-3-09

TMac and Brady

I’ve seen Brady shoot better.  TMac’s intangibles seldom make a boxscore but the first charge taken was his.

The new guy?  Lefty Dave Dempsey is a player.  His quickness is noticeable and he can create his own offense. 

I also liked what I saw of freshman Scott Nelson of New Jersey.  He handled the ball well against as tough a man-to-man defense as the team will face.  He was the best natural point guard I saw.

Getting used to the new coach (Tod Murphy) will take a while.  First of all, Tod is at least a foot taller than Mike Schauer.  Also, Tod’s emotions were tightly in check during this scrimmage while those around during the last seven seasons could recall an occasional Mike Schauer sideline eruption. 

New to the 2009-10 staff is Ryan Smith.  He was quite the shooter back in the day.

Jordan Logan was not in uniform. Yes, this is Jerry’s brother.  Jordan told me that he was surprised that his parents weren’t on hand (for the scrimmage) since it was his 21st birthday.  He was joking but said that his parents (from Marietta GA) would be around for the season opener on November 18th.

That season opener (Husson) will be followed by the annual TipOff Tournament on the 20th and 21st.  I am looking forward to that stretch of home games. 

scrimmage crowd 11-3-09

Plenty of good seats were available at the scrimmage

This is what the scrimmage crowd looked like.

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