Game #19 – Greg Walker Has Career Game Versus Regis

Sophomore Greg Walker had a remarkable 22 points/19 rebounds game against Regis.

Sophomore Greg Walker had a remarkable 22 points/19 rebounds game against Regis.

(Weston) Sophomore Greg Walker had the finest double/double (22 points/19 rebounds) I’ve seen in my 6+ years regularly following the Scots and he carried/led/dragged (take your pick) Gordon to a win at Regis, 68-40, on Wednesday night.

The Scots (14-5 overall/ 5-3 in the CCC) defended brilliantly all game and set a season record (31.9%) in field goal defense.  Gordon’s work on the boards was also impressive with season-high totals in offensive rebounds (21) and total rebounds (49).

Greg gets to the rim for two - courtesy Ron Harden

Greg gets to the rim for two - courtesy Ron Harden

Greg gets another open look - courtesy Ron Harden

Greg gets another open look - courtesy Ron Harden











But it was Greg that folks were talking about during and after the game.  Get him the ball ten feet away or closer and he has the moves to get off shots.  Regis (7-12 overall/ 1-7 in the CCC) didn’t have the size or positioning skills to deny Greg (6-7) the ball.  So he ended up with sixteen pretty good looks at the basket and made the Pride pay.

His rebounding number (19) was a revelation.  The most Greg had ever gotten before was ten (Curry) but in this one, he had ten at halftime.  Truly a special performance.

The final score (68-40) will mislead the reader into assuming that this was a game-long blowout.  Hardly. 

After eight straight by the guy I was talking about above, Gordon had a 15-9 lead with 7:50 to go in the half.  However, the Pride answered with nine straight of their own to regain the lead, 18-15, with 5:40 left.  Derrick Neal (16.7 PPG) got all of his five points for the game in this run. 

At this stage, it was anyone’s game but over the remainder of the half it became Gordon’s game.  The visitors ran off nineteen unanswered points on their way to a 34-18 halftime lead.  The daggers were a series of three 3’s to close out the half.  Austin Bentson had the first one and Aaron Trigg the others.  Timmy MacDonnell assisted on both of Aaron’s.  Aaron’s last one was launched from the corner with about a second left.  We’ve seen that play a couple of times this season.

Terrific halftime show

Terrific halftime show

The same folks who saw Greg produce a special performance also witnessed a halftime show that was as good as it gets.  Five guys from Kenya did a series of don’t-try-this-at-home acrobatics that were an eye-catcher for sure.  The Bennett Center crowd would have loved them.

In the second half, Regis couldn’t get inside of a double-digit deficit.  The Gordon lead was still eighteen (43-25) when nine straight by the Scots put this one into the everyone-will-play category and they did. 

6-8 Jeff Derr was yet another matchup problem for Regis and he collected 12 points in the second half.

Aaron was under double figures for the first time this season.  A returning All-Conference player with a 19.6 ppg will generate a lot of defensive attention.  That’s why it was important for the points to come from somewhere else and Greg did the providing.

The Regis fans reminded me of the ENC fans.  The score means nothing to them.  Down by thirty late in the second half, a player for the home team makes a layup and they go crazy.  This happens a few times and each time I had to check the score to see if Regis was catching up.  They weren’t but it didn’t matter to their crowd.

After watching Regis for a game, I was left wondering how they ever beat Elms a month ago.  Elms is 16-1 and ranked 13th in the recent D3Hoops national poll. 

Six games left and I don’t see an easy one among them.  I might have been tempted to suggest last-game opponent Salve Regina until I saw that they had beaten Roger Williams tonight.

Nichols is the opponent on Saturday at 3PM in Dudley.  The Bison have been on the wrong side of numerous close game losses to Gordon since I’ve been covering the Scots. 

Gordon is 10-2 on the road and has won their last five games away from Wenham.

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