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Senior Keith Krass Reflects On Gordon Basketball

The word “journey” is often thrown around as a metaphor for athletics, and although I would like to insert a different word to compare my time as a Gordon basketball player I simply cannot think of a better word to describe these last four years.

A journey suggests relocation or at least a progression or continuation of something.  Gordon basketball has taught me so much about what it means to be a man of God, a selfless teammate and effective leader but also given me the necessary skills to navigate whatever the future may have in store.

To say thank you to the coaching staff and my fellow teammates seems petty and insufficient, but ultimately extremely appropriate.  Thank you.

I ended up at Gordon because the head coach of Crown College decided to go to Bryan.  I was recruited to play at Crown, a small Christian school in Minnesota, but about two weeks before my high school graduation the coach told me that he was leaving the school.  I was unsettled about Crown anyways, so his leaving really caused me to question to go there.

Later that week I went to my principal and asked him his advice on where I should go.  He knew a professor at Gordon-Conwell and told me how much this person raved about the North Shore.  I looked up Gordon on the internet; called Coach Schauer, sent him some tapes and he told me I had a spot.

I will be an assistant coach next year with the Gordon team.  I will also be working at Starbucks (as pretty much everyone does after receiving a college degree) to make ends meet.

I am currently doing my student teaching at Ipswich High School.

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