Commonwealth Coast Conference Tournament Scenarios With Two Games Left

Seven teams have qualified for the eight spots in the Commonwealth Coast tournament with two regular season games left.  The seedings in the tournament are far from decided, however. 

Gordon assistant coach Jeremy Martin has put together; the current seeds, remaining schedule for those teams, and seeding scenarios.  His willingness to share the information is greatly appreciated.

1. Roger Williams (10-1): at Curry, at Eastern Nazarene

2. Curry (9-2): vs. Roger Williams, vs. Endicott

3. Gordon (8-3): at UNE, vs. Salve Regina
   UNE (8-3): vs. Gordon, at Nichols
   WNEC (8-3): at Anna Maria, at Colby-Sawyer

6. Colby-Sawyer (7-4): at Wentworth, vs. WNEC

7. Wentworth (6-5): vs. Colby-Sawyer, vs. NEC
   Endicott (6-5): vs. NEC, at Curry

9. Nichols (4-7): vs. Regis, vs. UNE
*Nichols is still alive by holding the tie-breaker vs. Endicott (W 90-72 on 1/15/2008). If Endicott wins one more game, they clinch a playoff berth. If Endicott loses two and Nichols wins two, then Nichols will be the 8th seed.

Roger Williams: If RWU wins at Curry, they will be the #1 seed.

Curry: If Curry wins vs. RWU and vs. Endicott, they will be the #1 seed by holding the tie-breaker over RWU.

Gordon: If Gordon wins at UNE and vs. Salve Regina, they will be the #3 seed. Additionally, if Curry loses either vs. RWU or vs. Endicott, then Gordon will be the #2 seed by holding the tie-breaker over Curry.

Those are the three schools in control of their own destiny by winning out in the next two games. After that point, it gets complicated with numerous scenarios through the games on Wednesday and it’s hard to know until going into Saturday’s games.

WNEC: If WNEC wins at Anna Maria and at Colby-Sawyer, then they can still get the #2 or #3 seed. To get the #2 seed, they additionally need a Curry loss combined with both a Gordon loss and UNE loss (must finish tied with Curry). To get the #3 seed, they additionally need a Gordon loss.

Seven of eight playoffs spots are sealed, but basically every seed is still in play, including #1, which RWU can wrap up on Wednesday.

There is a lot still up in the air.

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