(Game #10 – Becker) Gordon Gains 8th Win in Laugher Over Visiting Becker

By Peter McClelland

(Wenham) – Gordon took advantage of one of the most pitiful performances ever seen at the Bennett Center and crushed the Becker Hawks, 85-56, on Tuesday night in non-league action.  The Scots raised their record to 8-2 while Becker falls to 1-7.

“We had a big win over Mass College on Saturday and thought we were a lot better than we really are,” explained Becker coach Andy Nelson afterwards.  If Coach Nelson chooses to look at a tape of the first sixteen minutes of this one he might consider disbanding the program altogether!

“In a game like this you want to come out and get all over the opponent right away,” said Gordon coach Mike Schauer.  “You try to remove any doubt of the outcome early and move on from there.”  Mission accomplished!

The Scots raced off to an, 18-3, spread in the first four minutes turning up good shots outside (two threes by Josh Sylvester and one by Scott Beebe) and inside (lay-ups by Josh, Scott Allenby, and Elliott Blackstone). 

Before long things got really ugly for the visitors.   They “only” had a deficit of, 26-10, at the 11:50 mark.   Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn’t score for the next 7 ½ minutes and turned the ball over repeatedly.  Meanwhile the home team ran off 23 unanswered points and the mega-rout was on, 52-10.  Coach Schauer had all 14 players involved before the half was over yet still the score was, 56-20, at halftime.

The starters were back in the second half.  However, after they “three’d” their way to, 71-23, in four minutes it was time for the bench to be cleared again.  Coach Nelson opted to keep his starters in (“We have several new players now starting who have come onto the team at semester break.”) and put together a 25-2 run that may have given the misconception that this was somehow a ball game.  It wasn’t!

It was instead a chance for Gordon to give a multitude of players some actual game experience.  “You never know when the bench players may have to fill in,” added coach Schauer.  Developing big man, Alex Yeats, led the team in minutes with 20.

It was also good to see seniors Scott Beebe, Joe Witherspoon, and Josh Sylvester used sparingly with CCC games ahead versus Wentworth (Thursday – home) and Salve Regina (Saturday – away).

Coach Nelson admitted that his team had played horribly but was very impressed, nonetheless, with Gordon.  “They shoot better than any team I’ve seen at this level.  We tried to defend them but just couldn’t.”

The Scots sizzled at 16 for 25 (64%) from the three-point arc.  Scott Allenby was top scorer with 18 followed by Scott Beebe with 14 and Josh Sylvester with 12.  Albert Ortiz tallied 18 points for Becker in a remarkable 40-minute effort in a blowout   Guess the coach was trying to get him into shape?

The Gordon students were back and in a great mood – classes hadn’t started yet! 

The Scots next opponent (Wentworth Leopards) are 2-5 so far.

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